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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Sunday Snapshots

The last of winter...

This untrampled snow drift lies on the edge of our local skating pond.  For as long as we've lived here, this is the first winter that it was not used.  It was just continually too cold.  If it wasn't too cold, it was snowing.  Sad... but sure is a pretty find in April!

click image to view larger

I love all those dips and swirls.  It's like soft serve icecream!  ; )

The last photo I want to show your is once again of the evergreens.  It was a really clear, bright morning.  I tried to get as many intersting views of the trees as I could.  This one amazed me - look at all the different greens!

morning shines on the evergreen boughs

Lovely isn't it!?
Happy Sunday to you.


laura lok said...

Oh that first shot is going to make a beautiful thread painting

Cactusneedle said...

I agree with Laura.

Lin said...

Lovely photographs Monike - especially the icecream one. xx

HollyM said...

They're both beautiful. The first one would make beautiful fiber art. I live all those colors in the evergreens though.

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