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Friday, 4 April 2014

Finished Friday

This one is a commissioned piece for B. in New Zealand.  I hope she likes it!  (**Update - I got an email from her overnight and she LOVES it!)

It isn't based on any photo in particular.  That is new.  I like to use my own source photos because I work hard hunting for and gathering compositions that lend themselves well to stitch.  I end up with this huge pile of personal resources and inspiration through each season.  I also find that using photos helps me with depth and distance.  This time, I think I did it!  The first time I tried a landscape waaay back when, it was so two-dimensional that it was embarrassing!  I think now I have done enough horizons, fields, trees, and foregrounds that I was ready to pull it off.

B. asked for a summer scene similar to Lakewood, but with water and more floral colours.  Here is a good close up that shows the colours a little more correctly. The photo above is not colour correct.  The original is much warmer like below.  More golden, more happy.

the 'glam shot' in better lighting.

This was done with threads, and hand dyed silk embroidery floss.  It's 5x5" and about to be matted and framed.  I think I will call it 'In Bloom'.

This is thread painting #6 to go to the other side of the planet!  Wow.  Thank you B.  : )

p.s.  if anyone is looking, I have a few thread paintings left from Gardenscape.  I put them in my Etsy shop.  You can find the link on my right sidebar.  Thanks!


Terri said...

It is easy to see why she loves it. Gorgeous!

Giddings Art said...

You amaze me....this is Gorgeous!

Kit Lang said...

Omg, Monika, no wonder she loves it, this piece is ky favourite by far! So envious of "B",

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

It looks magnificent Monika!

Lin said...

SAnother beautiful piece Monika. xx

bernadette86LRP said...

quel talent! bravo!

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