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Saturday 4 January 2014

Winners Posted & Call For Entry

Thanks everyone for jumping in to the draw!  I let my son Liam being my 'random number generator'.  Congratulations to the winners!

* Kathy MacKie for the $20 MeinkeToy coupon.  Congrats Kathy!!  Thank you for following My Sweet Prairie.  I'll email you with the details...

THANK you also to the newer followers.  I have presents for you!   
Denise Epp,  
Judy Applegarth (->wooo nice blog Judy!  I'm a new follower),
& Kathleen Prescott.

Congratulations ladies!  You can send me your snail mail info to Monika @ My Sweet Prairie .ca  (no spaces of course...).  I have ribbons, silk, sparkly things, weird things, all waiting to be sent your way.

I love sending people presents. : )


Now for some housekeeping / reminder:  

ONE MONTH LEFT for my call for entry!  

Two people asked about size requirements.  My answer: there are none.  It's a curated show.  There's no juried requirements you have to meet or hoops you have to jump.  Just send me images of whatever you have that is fibre and glows with prairie energy.  : )  A giant wall quilt... a teeny felted creature...  it makes no difference.  I just want to put together a show that will be very fun, beautiful, interesting... to show off to non-fibre artists the huge range of our craft, and to show off love for the prairie.

Another question asked was regarding use of kits and patterns.  If your item is based loosely off a kit or pattern, we need to see where it originates.  If it's too much kit, then likely no.  If it's a doll body that you entirely embellished your own way, then likely yes.  Just let us see the source so we can decide.

Finally - the overlap concern.  I know that there is a juried show in Edmonton through the Focus on Fibre Arts Association.  We decided this would not be too much of a problem through the deadlines are similar.  The Edmonton show is in May.  The SK Craft Council Show is not until 2015.  Finalized entries for this show won't until occur until the fall of this year.  We need entries in now to be able to show content for a grant application that is coming up.  Simple as that.  : )  In fact, I plan to head to that Edmonton show to peek and hopefully take names if I need more pieces.  **Anna Hergert had a blog post a couple years ago all about 'juried vs curated'.  I'm unable to dig it up now. If you see that or something similar, please leave the link in the comments section here?  Thanks!  ***

I am getting excited!  We've had some fantastic images roll in.  Please send them to the SK Craft Council.  Some have come to me and I did forward them on.  I get a LOT of email, and I would not want to chance missing a fabulous entry.  Call for Entry details are linked HERE on this blog post Please pass it on!  You do not have to be juried or be a member of the SCC.  You do have to be a prairie dweller, and the piece has to be fibre.

Final notes - PLEASE don't think I am only looking for landscapes like my own.  I want anything that makes me smile and connect with prairie.  Lightning.  Gophers.  Fallen buildings.  Fishing ponds.  Pussy willows.  Wild Roses / Tiger Lilies / Crocuses.  It can be wearable, sculptural.  Aboriginal creations too please!  Women farmers.  Prairie People.  Birds...  My goal is to have people walk into this gallery space and stop in their tracks with - WOW.  LOOK at THIS!  and OH MY! Look at THAT!  and even some quiet contemplations. Maybe a heartfelt tear.


Margaret said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
donna said...

could you please post the link to Anna Hergert's post on this. thanks.

Kathy MacKie said...

Just seen that I was a winner and so grateful for your awesome giveaway, many thanks.

Unknown said...

So exciting that I won a goodie! Can't wait to see your entries, would be fun to enter some of my new felted pieces.

arlee said...

Monika, first you ask in the initial post/call for entry for us to email you, then ask us to mail to the Sask council--may we have the council's email please?

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