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Monday, 6 January 2014

How to Stay Warm on a Cold Day

I spent my Sunday out at Bernie's sunny attic studio teaching a Beginner Threadpainting class that was postponed from November.  At minus 50 degrees celcius with the windchill, my van was frozen solid.  After a boost and letting it warm up, it literally cooled right down again once I was out on the highway.  DAMN COLD.  Nonetheless, it was a full class - crazy tough Saskatchewan folk we are!  : )

the view from the sewing room

As much as people complain about the cold, my goodness - it has been a sunny, sunny winter.  For that I am grateful.  Bernie's attic is a beautiful place to be.  Look at the sunshine spill into the room!

Thank you Bernie for once again hosting a class.  This one was Beginner Threadpainting.  It was a very diverse group - some stitched very, very slow with deliberate long stitches.  Here is a picture of Bernie - 'Fastest Threadpainter in the West' I dubbed her.  : )

Bernie C. stitching in her beautiful attic sewing room.

There were great results from each of these women, even the ones who didn't finish.  The stitching and the blending was beautiful.  Great job ladies!

The next three photos were taken just before everyone was packing to leave.  They are so cute!  : )  First, sharing the results of their stitching with each other...

Candid shots are always best.  Then the group pose!  haha

Sweet.  Thanks for your hospitality Bernie and thank you to all the women who participated on such a cold, cold day.

I pack up my supplies and headed back to the city just as it was getting dark.  It was a very good day.

Saskatoon glowing on the horizon, Sunday night in January


sherry said...

what a lovely bright full of soul sewing space

Sheila said...

What a hearty bunch to brave the cold to stitch , you have to love that . I would love to take that class :-)

Monika Kinner-Whalen said...

Isn't it!? I love going out there.
: )

Mystic Quilter said...

We have been seeing items on the news channel here in New Zealand about the weather in the USA - but boy it looks just beautiful!

upstateLisa said...

Pretty place to gather!

karen said...

good to hear from you and I do apologise so much for not mentioning Canada in that post. I know your weather is equally as bad if not worse. I admire you so much for driving in those conditions.....you are so brave!! I hope you had a brilliant Christmas??

Radka said...

It looks better the our floods...

I am amazed by the results of the class, they are beautiful :-)

Jeito Mineiro de Ser said...

Temos visto nos noticiários o frio aí no Canadá! Lindo mas é preciso coragem para dirigir em estradas...
Bela classe num lindo sótão!
Por favor, você pode me dizer qual é o estabilizador que suas alunas usaram para este trabalho? Obrigada!
Um abraço!

We have seen in the news the cold here in Canada! Beautiful but, it takes courage to drive on roads ...
Beautiful class a gorgeous loft!
Please can you tell me what is the stabilizer which her ​​students used for this work? Thank you!

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Threadpainter said...

I am so envious of that room/attic ;) !

Kemberly Loyd said...

Nice. It's nice to see people giving their attics a good use. And you certainly found a unique way of using an attic holding a class! With the temperature dropping to a crazy level, attics sure are a nice place of refuge to escape the biting cold. Those threadpaintings are nice!

Kemberly Loyd

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