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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Things I Love Thursday

Look what I got!  I love this.  : )

I was at the December Potluck last night with the Bridge City NeedleArts Guild.  We had an amazing potluck, yummy blueberry wine, and an ornament exchange.  I love my new ornament so much.  The stitches are so tiny.  I got home to find the kids had put up the tree so I added this to it.  What a treasure!  Thank you to the anonymous person that gifted it my way.  : )

Happy Minus 30C Thursday!


Kate said...

Monika, that's a gorgeous ornie!

Mary Ann said...

That is so adorable. Perfect for a needlesmith:)

Lin said...

Lovely gift Monika. And I'm complaining that the temperature has only just crept over zero!

Caroline Heinrichs said...

You are a lucky one, its only -15 here!

Ingrid Serine said...


JennyPennyPoppy said...

A lovely ornament to have received! The Regina Stitchery Guild is having their Christmas meeting and ornament exchange this Tuesday :)

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