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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Sunday Snapshots

It's December!

: )


Cool, hey?!  That's my photo!  I was one of 12 winners of an SGI calendar contest for the theme, 'Cultural Wonders'.  I can finally turn to my month now.  : ) 

It reads:  
The sun rises after the longest night of the year (winter solstice) at Wanuskewin Heritage Park north of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  Seeing these teepees on a quiet winter morning was a magical sight to behold.  They stand as a symbol of the first culture of this land.

Happy December!  : )


sherry said...

amazing photo...

Lin said...

Beautiful - congratulations and thank you for sharing. I always have the same calendar every year and the December picture will be one of my favourites - not sure why but I love snow and it usually features!

Terri said...

Great picture! Just right for December. Congratulations on being chosen.

Dahn said...

Hey that's awesome. You take such nice pictures, and this is a good one, Congrats on the calendar! :-)

Juanita said...

I very happily turned the page to December on the calendar I won on your blog earlier this year and voila! I get to look at your photo all month! Thanks again.

Threadpainter said...

Congratulations Monika !!!

Judy said...

Congratulations on having your photo published! I love how you caught the sun on the horizon.

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