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Friday, 29 November 2013

They're Back! : )

Here are photos from my week... my WHOLE, entire week...

I stitched and stitched long landscapes on stabilizer.  I used Accent 12 wt variegated rayons, metallic, and holographic Wonderfil threads...    Sparkle, sparkle!  : )  Shimmer, shimmer!

I did some free motion in the clouds and some couched yarns on the horizons.  Then I sliced them all two inches wide.

Next, I hand stitched birds on some and glowing snowflakes on others.  Finally, I spent an entire day just satin stitching the edges of these teeny weenie landscapes.  (That took FOR - EVER!)

Here they are!  All finished up.

There are no two alike.
I love each and every one!  : )

Some are day scenes, some are night time.  
Some are early morning, some are colorful evenings.

i heart winter

All back to back in shatter-proof snowglobes.  : )

Don't worry, the art is in a dry slot inside and won't get wet.

It's A Very Merry My Sweet Prairie!  
(shake shake shake)

they make sweet gifts

You can find them once again at SaskMade Marketplace on 8th Street in Saskatoon.  I supply them there every December for the holiday shoppers.  They will be there for sale until they are gone.

* Sorry * - because they are heavy and water-filled, I am unable to ship for risk of freezing.

Have a lovely weekend,


Vicki W said...

What a great idea!

Lin said...

Absolutely beautiful!

B J Elder said...

What great fun! Your snowglobes are terrific, and such a treasure. Wish I lived closer.

Threadpainter said...

I did not know about your snow globes ! What a great idea !
Now rest a bit :)

laura lok said...


Yvette Niesel said...

WOW... nothing else to say!

Monica said...

Just the same as everyone else, I'll say, "what a great idea!"

Plus, I have a question -- did you colour-match the thread on the satin stitched edge, or is the clear thread? Thanks!

Juanita said...

OMG! What a lot of stitching in a week. I know how long (and tedious) those satin stitched edges can be. They are going to look great in your globes.

Eileen said...

As a new viewer to your blog, I am thrilled to see how dedicated you are to creating unique fabric art. Each one had individual attention. Well done!
Are you using some hand dyed fabrics?

Dahn said...

Adorable! I love these cuties. I want one of your snow globes. (confession--I made a snow globe with my mini cardinal). I never wanted to go to Sask until I met you. :-)

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