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Saturday, 7 December 2013

Community + Stitching = Happy Me.

I had the best week.  I was invited to stitch with a really great group of women at a private studio downtown.  Just me, a hand full of adults, no housework, and hours & hours of uninterrupted stitch time.  It was amazing.  It has been a little dream of mine to find a highly diverse and creative group of inspiring women to stitch with.  We had an absolutely gorgeous potluck lunch too.  Gorgeous - because it was like dining in a fine art gallery.  I came away really happy, really emotionally rested.  Thank you so much E & L &  for inviting me!

I didn't know how creative I could be in a new place with new people and conversations & music in the room.  I do well in my few moments of silence and alone time.  So I brought something entirely uncreative to do - I stitched out some simple samples for more Saturday Stitches posts.  I hope to pick that up again for you in the new year.  It ended up being quite good for me.  I found some new stitches I liked very much.

When the last couple hours came around, I packed that away and took out one of my fibre packs I was selling on Etsy (don't go looking - there's none there right now).  I brought along some soft earthy tones, hooped up a piece of fabric, and loaded the thing with only one stitch, over and over.  It was so fulfilling. 

This is one of the first times I did something entirely abstract and think it's gorgeous.  (Then I posted it on Facebook and in a flash I thought it resembled oatmeal.  lol)  Maybe not so attractive after all? 

Never mind.  It felt soooo nice to stitch it out.  It was somewhat meditative in it's repetitiveness, and then the colors were just so soothing.  How can beige and grey overstimulate, right?  ; )

I really like E.  I learn so much from her about being my own artist with my own style, finding space, creating an artful life... and all the way to the mundane like dealing with housework and finding ways to pay the bills.  I've known her for a couple years now.  I'm so grateful for the connection.  It was a very liberating day for me to be able to not be responsible for anyone else but my own heart.  That sounds sooo selfish.  But you know - I spend my days and nights responsible for children, so it's nice to take a day for me, and learn a bit more about my own feelings and dreams.

I think they meet once per month.  Each person just spends the day working on their own projects.  There was felting, beading, embroidery, vintage clothing...  incredibly diverse.  Perfect.  Unique. Creative.  True artists.

So there's my story for now.  : )
Stay warm!!  (***-50 ish Celcius this morning around the province***)


Eileen said...

So much texture to the 'Oatmeal' piece. Yes those neutrals are exciting.

PrairiePeasant said...

Sounds like a wonderful time that was needed for a little re-energizing! And I'm seeing lichen rather than oatmeal ;-)

HollyM said...

It sounds like such a replenishing day. The word selfish usually has such a negative connotation but sometimes we need to be selfish to feed our soul and to be at peace with the world. Then you go back to your family happy to continue doing for them.
I love the textures in your piece. Makes one want to touch and feel it!

Christa Marcotte said...

Love your stitches! Crazy how something's so simple is so intricate at the same time!

Lin said...

Well, first I saw your table of lovely books - many of which are in my collection. I especially love the one by Julia Caprara, a tutor of mine for a short while but sadly no longer with us. Her sense of colour is amazing and her love of stitch. While Jan and Jean's books also are very inspirational also with lots of hand stich. Not surprisingly they were great friends of Julia's. Your stiching is beautiful - I hope you make the time to carry on with it. Your day sounds wonderful - I am glad you got to spend some time for your self - not selfish at all but necessary for your wellbeing!

JennyPennyPoppy said...

Sounds like it was a divine time indeed. Very neat looking stitching too :)

Caroline Heinrichs said...

For a full time Mom with young ones, you've done a marvelous job of staying inside your art, so take one day a month and groove with other artists like yourself. i wish I lived closer!!

Threadpainter said...

WOW ! Love your 'oatmeal' !!!!
Yup, nothing nicer than a day with like-minded friends, a little food, maybe a glass of wine and time to do whatever you want ! lucky girl !

Judy said...

That sounds like a lovely way to spend a day! And the artistic encouragement is priceless. I like your stitching, and the background that you chose. Finding your own voice as an artist really is the goal, isn't it?
Have a great weekend stitching,

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