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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Back at 'er!

Well, hello!  Whew, that was a lot of travelling and teaching.  I was 8 days on the road.  Once we were all done, one by one each member of my family came down with bad colds.  I spent more time on facebook than blogging.  (My Sweet Prairie Studio has a FB page FYI).  This week, everyone is back at school and work, including me!  I'm thrilled to say that I am caught up on commissions with the exception of one.  I'll head to the framing shop later this week.  Here's what I have been working on...

Floral Road 2, 2013

This was a commission I picked up from the July show at my mother's home this summer.  It's different from Floral Road 1 in that it has less blonde grasses and I've added some blue flowers in the ditch.  I will post a straight-on shot of this once it's matted.

This next one wasn't a commission, but something I was longing to do after the beautiful fall field trips to Cranberry Flats.

This is a larger version of a little wee piece I sold last year.  I take great pride stitching out all those grasses by hand over the free machine work.  : )))  It brings me right back to that moment.  The grass indeed was soooo long and every stitch was done with pure joy. : )))

I also completely finished this one of the hills at Jackfish Lake.  It has hand stitched silk ribbons in the foreground.  It's off to frame this week.

detail, Hills at Jackfish, 2013

I know you've seen that one before.  That may be why I was reluctant to blog.  I don't want to bore anyone with the same old - same old.  Speaking of which, here's more canola!  haha  FINALLY.  It's from the photo I took this summer at Jackfish after a big storm.  It's STILL a work in progress, but I am happy to finally be finished all those French Knots.  I start this baby in early September.  You are looking at it pretty close to actual size (well, unless you are on your little phone). 

Treeline, 2013 work in progress

Fianlly, I have this little one that is for someone overseas, however, I think I will try one more autumn scene for the buyer to choose from.  I was going to frame this little wee one myself but it doesn't look quite right in the frame color I have on hand.  Isn't that always the way!?

Fields of Gold, 2013 (5x5")  very, very small

I do really like the fence wire and the curly dock in the ditches.  We'll see what else I can come up with before the end of the week!  : )  Linking up to Work-In-Progress Wednesday at The Needle & Thread Network

Well - that should make up for all the non-blogging!  lol  Hope that satisfies.


rtquilter said...

Absolutely stunning, Monika! It pays to be patient . This payoff was well worth waiting for :-)

Lorna McMahon said...

All I can say is WOW! Your works are amazing. I am in awe!

susan said...

You may feel its "same ole, same ole" but we don't necessarily feel that way. I love seeing what you're up to!

HollyM said...

I've got nothing but 'same old' lately! I don't mind seeing anything of yours more than once!
And I just want to climb inside to see your work for real. Such wonderful texture.

elle said...

I may not live in Saskatchewan but I am very much standing in the ditch with ya! ;)

Vicki W said...


CitricSugar said...

Amaze-balls. As always.

Do you have any pieces in the quilt show this weekend?

Kate said...

Awesome work.

Lynn Ross said...

Hi Monika phew! sure glad you're back! I did see you on Facebook but I was definitely worried about you!! So glad everyone is feeling better. don't worry about same old. No such thing when it comes to your work!! Lol !!!!!

Jeito Mineiro de Ser said...

Na minha língua existe uma palavra linda: SAUDADE. "Sentir falta" é um sentimento dentro da saudade.
Você voltou dando um show! Muito, muito, muito lindos os trabalhos!
Um abraço!

In my language there is a beautiful word: SAUDADE. "Feeling lack" is a feeling of saudade within.
You returned giving a show! Very, very, very beautiful work!

Linda Kittmer said...

Stunning work Monkia. I love your style!

marsha said...

love the way you captured the rolling fields in Fields of Gold

Angela said...

Wow! so much stitching! Beautiful

Terri said...

You could show them all 100 times and I would still be amazed. I really enjoy your work. The scenes you work are prairie, and not all kinds of modern developments. Love the trees, grasses and especially the little blue flowers. How you embroider - to scale - is just amazing.
Love your blog - it's the one (of hundreds) I'm always excited to see.

Josette Guerin said...

sublissimal bravo j admire

JennyPennyPoppy said...

Gorgeous sewing! Love your Fields of Gold!

Willit Neverend said...

As always, your work is a joy to see. I don't mind if you want to blog more than once about the same picture, I'll be just as awe struck the second time 'round :)

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