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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Things I Love Thursday

I love waking up to a world covered in crystals.

There was ice fog, frost on everything, and the puddles on the road are frozen over.  It's such a different experience to walk outside when the world has changed overnight like this.

She's so delicate and so frozen in time!  oh dear.  I crawled right in there with my cell phone to snap that picture.  I love finding treasures like this!

What else do I love?  

I LOVE QUILT SHOWS!  Bring it on - it only comes once every 2 years, and the Saskatoon Quilters' Guild puts on one of THE biggest and best shows in Western Canada.  I love to look at all the beautiful work.  I also love to shop  - there will be dozens of vendors along with over 500 entries.  Barb Dawson (SQG president) is the feature quilter and her amazing work will be on display as well!  Anna Hergert and Karen Jurek are presenting.  All the info is HERE if you need it!!  : )  (**No I don't have any entries or a booth, but I will be enjoying the show and shopping while the kids are in school!)

Happy Thursday!


Kate said...

Gorgeous photos, Monika!

Linda said...

what amazing photos. We haven't had icy temps yet.

Mystic Quilter said...

One of my favourites things used to be the frost covered flowers and foliage in Winter and as we lived in the North of England before coming to NZ the frost and snow was just part of life in Winter. These are lovely pics, thanks so much for posting them

Anonymous said...

I love the sugar coated flowers.

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