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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

For the Love of Jackfish

What a weekend.  The kids had four days off for Thanksgiving so we drove 5 hours north and west to pay a visit to all the grandparents.  First we stayed in Edmonton to enjoy turkey with my husband's family.  Then we stopped at my mom's for supper on the way back.  Boy - was it pretty.

where I spent much of my childhood

This was my Opa (grandfather) Kinner's cabin.  The lake is behind it in the photo.  My mom, brothers, and I lived out here every year from April to October and commuted to town for school & work.  There were 2 wood stoves inside and no running water.  Pretty hard core right?  It has water now, but we used to haul big jugs from town every day.  We would only move back to town when the roads snowed in.  I remember how our blankets would freeze to the walls by morning if no one woke up to add wood to the stove in the night.

Down at the shore it was amazing!  Much of the leaves had fallen and the seaweed (sea?  lake grasses?  lol) was wrapped and wrapped on everything from days of waves rolling in.

Remember, this is the prairies.  There's nothing to block the wind.  On rare occasion, there is NO wind.  Nothing.  Your ears ring because it's so quiet... so unbelievably quiet.  I can't explain it.  Today was a day like that.

We found masses of ladybugs getting ready for the change of seasons.  Look at all the colours!

Believe it or not, I didn't bring my camera along on purpose.  I just have a ridiculous amount of photos already.  Eventually, I couldn't stand it anymore and took all these on my cell phone.  Imagine that!

Look at all the beautiful patterns and textures and colours!  Oh! I didn't want to leave.  There's so much age in this place.  I love the history and the memories.  I remember when these trees were just saplings.  Now look at them!

Wonderful.  Wonderful!  Now I'm back and settled in.  I've spent many hours just sorting through all my photographs.  There is so much to stitch.  I'm going to sink in deep this winter and see what magic will happen with all my luscious fibres I've been stockpiling.  aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

Have a great week!


Jennifer Scantlebury Vienneau said...

Absolutely wonderful. I understand the need to keep your camera by your side at all times. This past week my family could hear me muttering and sputtering as we passed perfect photo ops and my daughter, who is also an avid photographer told me, just record them in your mind, mum....but, it’s still not the same for me. Your water photo is beautiful.

Jeito Mineiro de Ser said...

Lindas, lindas!!!!! A combinação de lembranças de amor, linda paisagem e bom olho para fotografia...
Hoje vou a uma cidade próxima ter uma aula de bordado livre usndo uma maquina Singer muito antiga. Estou muito entusiasmada! Uau!!!!!
Boa semana! Um abraço!

Beautiful, beautiful!!! The combination of memories of love, beautiful scenery and good eye for photography ...
Today I'm going to a nearby town to take a class free embroidery usndo one very old Singer machine. I am very excited! Wow!!
Good week! Hugs!

elle said...

ah, that prairie wind! we have a luv/hate relationship! lol No water here but lots of grass, leaves, trees and history. Great photos, Monika

Verna G said...

Just love your pictures Monica. But it does make me lonesome for our cottage that we sold last year!

Jillian said...

love the pictures I love jackfish! My stepgrandparents have a place in meota so I've been a few times and love it!

HollyM said...

I have thousands of pictures too.! It's funny how you think you've been there done that but then there's always some new detail, texture or color that you've not seen before.
I can't believe you took those with your cell phone. The detail , color and texture is beautiful!
What an experience and memories you have,

Jackie said...

You take the best pics!

Kate said...

Fabulous photos!!

Dahn said...

ohhhhh.. I love these pictures. I love fall so much... AND it is Oct 20 and we have had no snow yet. None. Nada. What a long and beautiful fall we are having. You too it looks like! :-)

JennyPennyPoppy said...

Gorgeous photos and a day with no wind is certainly wonderful!

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