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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Back to Class (and winner announced)

Back to class!  I have eight teaching days this fall.  That's pretty cool!  They are in Saskatoon and around the province.  (See under Calendar of Events in the tabs at the top of the blog.)  Yesterday I did an Autumn themed postcards class at Creative House.  I love that space.  The women made some really gorgeous cards.  It blew me away though that most of them drove in from other towns.  That's incredible - I'm out of words about that except to say thank you.  Really, really: thank you.  Some travelled an hour and half!  I hope you loved creating these little mini art quilts and promise to make more!  I also need to thank everyone who has ever sent me a postcard via swaps.  It's that big box that I tote around for show & tell.  I think looking at the dozens of vastly different samples are the highlight of the class!   The other highlight is definitely when we lay all the cards we've made out for a group photo.  There's always a feeling of WOW - we did that?  I personally love the colors people used in this set.

The funny part was when Wendy (the owner) walked in to see the outcome.  She asked how it went.  I replied, "Great!  I suggested making scarecrows.  They don't listen very well, but they sure are creative!"  haha - the burst of laughter in the room was pretty funny.  It's really a redundant thing to say isn't it!?  lol  Seriously though - I never actually told anyone what to make.  I never do.  The theme was autumn and when I pulled out some plaid scraps and raffia in the color of straw, I immediately envisioned scarecrows.  : )  The autumn scenes they did create are really sweet - including that lone scarecrow!  : )  I look forward to the next days of hand embroidery and free machine threadpainting with them.

Thanks also to Vicki Welsh for the great fabric prize!  Are you wondering who won it?  I picked # 17, but oh oh!  There's no email information attached!  Vini, could you please contact me?

Vini said...
My thoughts go immediately to a project I've had in mind for a long time...based on a lovely photo of my nephews in Thailand. They are fully silhouetted against a brilliant sunset, while playing on a massive rock on the beach, with friends! Hands outstretched, great poses.....and the color of the sky definitely requires a hand- dyed gradient!
Thank you for the opportunity to win such lovely fabric. Love your blog, Monika!

September 8, 2013 at 12:05 PM

Congratulations Vini!  If I don't hear back soon, I will need to pick a new winner though.  I hope you read this in time!  Monika@MySweetPrairie.ca  No one was selected because of what they worte.  It was totally random, but WOW - I for one can't wait to see the finished product from Vini.  That sounds stunning.  : )

For those of you that didn't win free fabric, you can get 15% off at Vicki's Etsy shop (linked) until the end of September 2013 by using the coupon code MONIKA15 at the checkout.  She's in Virginia USA but does ship worldwide.

Have a great day!  I'm off & sewing...


elle said...

This is great, Monika. I am wanting Vicki's new colour wheel fabrics so I shall mention your name! ;)

Lynn Ross said...

Hi Monika,

I feel so famous that you posted the postcards from Monday's class!LOL Really enjoyed it and can't wait until next Monday.


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