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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Gradient Give-away c/o Vicki Welsh : )

Last night, I headed off to Judy McCrosky's Studio on 9th for a little postcard makers' get together.  There were seven women.  The challenge we were given was to use a beautiful 1/2yrd cut of hand dyed gradient fabric sent to us by the fabulous Vicki Welsh @ www.vickiwelsh.etsy.com 

What fun!  The fabric colorway was called, "coleus" - and my apologies.  I did not snap a photo of it before we cut it all up.  It was so beautiful as a piece of fabric that it was hard to cut it up!  It rand from deep green at one end, to yellow ochre to peach to deep raspberry at the other end.  I had in my mind that I would snip out autumn leaves.  Plans changed for my cards when Judy pulled out her pretty bird stencils and paints!  I have never stenciled before, and I really enjoyed it.

With the Coleus gradient, I brought along black and white fabric.  The black really makes the deep colors pop don't you think?

There is sample of using opposite ends of the gradient against each other in a checkerboard mini-quilt.  Again - dramatic black!

The peach & yellows make really pretty backdrops for sky.

The next two florals were cut & fused on.  Not all of us finished our cards, but they are good examples of how lovely hand dyes can be when you need petals.

I'm really interested in seeing how those last four cards end up once all the machine work is done on them.  (I hope you ladies will send me a photo!)

The last one and the next one also utilized a stencil - they turned out very beautiful without the inclusion of black fabric.

So there you go - here's my third card.  It's kind of whimsical.  It's not finished either.

Thank you to Judy for the use of her space.  Thanks to the women who attended for helping out with the challenge.  To all of you and to all the readers - Vicki Welsh is generously offering a FIFTEEN percent discount at her Etsy shop (click to link) until the end of Sept, 2013 when you use the code:  MONIKA15.  Make sure you type it all in capital letters.  Shipping to Canada is pricey - so order together with a friend if you need to.  : )  This discount code is good for anyone who wants it!  * * * Vicki, that is really cool  - thank you! * * *

I bought this black to white gradient for myself.  My plan is to reproduce a black and white photo into fibre art.  Here you go - every shade of grey is here for me!  That was easy!

black to white with all the greys (folded in the pack from her shop)

Okay!  So the title of this post is "Gradient Give-away".  You know what that means.  Free Fabric.  !

Vicki Welsh is offering either two half-yard cuts of any of her gradients or one full yard of the gradient of your choice to ONE LUCKY WINNER.  * Only one. * Here's how to be included in the draw:

- leave a comment in the comment box here at the end of my blogpost  Make sure an email contact is included
- Vicki will be peeking in to your responses, so in your comment please let her know what projects you think her hand-dyed fabrics would be great for!
- one entry per person please.

Have a great weekend!  The winner will be announced Tuesday morning, so entry cut off will be Monday midnight.

& Vicki W!


mlafayette said...

I would love to make a dress for my toddler.

Sheila said...

I think her hand dyed fabric would be wonderful in a landscape project . Thanks so much for the chance .

Heather J said...

I would love to use the fabric in strips showing the gradients within a modern quilt design so the fabric is showcased.

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

I would like to use her hand dyed fabrics in table runner; but a quilt would be fantastic!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Monika for sharing the fabric, it was fun workinh with it.

Hilda said...

What wonderful fabrics. I would love to try my hand at a landscape using them. Thanks for the giveaway!

elle said...

I am wanting to do a leaf sampler and having the backgrounds 'the same, only different' is most appealing and a gradient of Vicki's hand dyes would be the very thing!

Kiwi said...

Thank you Vicki and Monika! I had a great time last night! I'd love to try an appliqué wall hanging with the green gradient and red gradient fabrics.

Brenda said...

I find hand dyes look great with prints from Kaffe -- and in applique. thanks for the chance to win.

Barb said...

I would love to make a scarf as a gift for my niece.

Kathy MacKie said...

I love to make mug mats so I think that is what I'd use this great fabric for.

Pauline G said...

I am really keen to try making a landscape quilt so these fabrics would be so good to start with

Judy Cooper Textile Images said...

Vicki's hand dyed fabrics are fabulous! I could use it to make one of my 3-D fish. I would add - surface stitching to the fabric before cutting the fish pattern out. Thanks for the give away.

Michele T said...

Gradient fabric would be awesome to use to make a Modern Quilt and I am imagining a city night scene... if only you could see what I envision!Thanks for the chance!

L. P. said...

I would love t make a gradient vest or jacket with Vicki's lovely fabrics.

Janie said...

I love making postcards and this fabric and inspirations here are just wonderful.

Vini said...

My thoughts go immediately to a project I've had in mind for a long time...based on a lovely photo of my nephews in Thailand. They are fully silhouetted against a brilliant sunset, while playing on a massive rock on the beach, with friends! Hands outstretched, great poses.....and the color of the sky definitely requires a hand- dyed gradient!
Thank you for the opportunity to win such lovely fabric. Love your blog, Monika!

marshaleith said...

ooh- would love to win some gradient fabric. I do alot of sunprinting and the gradient fabric would really complement it.

Julie said...

A strip quilt would be beautiful. Thanks.

Suztats said...

Vicki's fabrics are wonderful, and I would use the fabric to create a wall hanging-- perhaps for my CQJP 2014 project! Thanks for the chance to win.

Bonnie58 said...

Wonderful giveaway, Monika and Vicki. Thanks so much to two wonderful ladies for sharing so much. I would love to use some of Vicki's gradient fabrics to do a landscape wallhanging.

Jeito Mineiro de Ser said...

Estou estudando desenhar com a maquina de costura. Tenho fotografado o por do sol todos os dias (estou seguindo o exemplo da professora Monika). Então eu faria cartões reproduzindo o céu de onde eu moro.
Um abraço!

I'm studying drawing with the sewing machine. I photographed the sunset every day (I'm following the example of Professor Monika). So I would playing cards the sky from where I live.

Sue said...

I first thought a quilt, but I like the stencils, but I would make a checkerboard from 2 different colours, stencil, and stretch over a canvas. Beautiful fabrics, thanks for the chance! sguday at shaw dot ca

Noreen said...

I LOVE the subtle changes in hue and colour in Vicki's hand-dyed gradient fabric. I would especially appreciate using it as background in the African pieces I make . (-- in support of Grandmotrhers in subSaharan Africa who are caring for children orphaned by HIV AIDS - this through the Stephen lewis Foundation.) Because it's most stable, I choose such cottons for sky or landscape. Then using mainly synthetics from recycled clothing pieces, plus some thread-painting and embroidery, photo-like components are added to create the scene and story.
As well, as in Monika's class, Vicki's gradient fabric is perfect for postcard backgrounds. For me, the appealing part of this use is that pieces for each are small, so I can use it over a long period of time creating many art cards. I HATE using up all of any one favourite fabric!
Thanks for your generous offer for this give-away.

Noreen said...

`Don't know how to add to my previous comment ..... Where was my head? An obvious priority use for Vicki's wonder-full gradient fabric is in the paper-priced patterns I acquired in a miniatures workshop with George Siciliano. The power in his pieces come from the use of gradient fabrics -- which are very hard to find! (http://www.georgesiciliano.com/ )
`Love your Etsy store Vicki !!!


lovely fabric for personlizing a quilt or for my cross stitch ing

laura said...

Being a prairie girl at heart but now transplanted to the West Coast, I am loving your blog and seeing the beautiful art you create, it brings back wonderful memories of growing up in Saskatoon. I have just recently started to graduate from modern quilts to art quilts, and want to try my hand at thread painting, I have some visions of designs with trees in mind and alot of that wonderful big prairie sky!

Jodi - usairdoll said...

Beautiful cards and pictures! I love doing needleturn and I think Vicki's fabric would be beautiful in applique.

Thank you and Vicki for a super giveaway and a chance to win.


Juanita said...

Love the fabric! Just the thing for skies!

Hooked on a Feeling said...

Thanks to both Monika and Vicki for this generous offer. I have tried many different craft/art forms and have gotten away from quilting and sewing. I'm so inspired by Monika's work and this postcard fiesta you had is divine! I feel inspired again, looking at Vicki's fabric and have many possibilities in mind for incorporating this gorgeous fabric into a new project. I agree, it would be very difficult to cut, perhaps almost needing to be framed by itself! I love the idea of silhouettes, and would likely draw inspiration from my daughter's artwork or cherished photos.

Gill said...

Gorgeous colours!
Vicki's fabric would be perfect for zippered pouches with maybe a little stencilling or embroidery on the sides!

Darci said...

I think they would make a beautiful tote bag for the gym or school kids!

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