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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Things I Love Thursdays

I love when the mail carrier comes!  He always delivers wonderful surprises to my mail box.  : )

ooh that was tough photographing it!  This is pretty close to the real thing...

My internet pal Dahn (pronounced 'dawn') bartered with me.  I LOVE bartering.  I love what Dahn can dye!  She rocks it.  I LOVE her skies.  THANK YOU SO MUCH DAHN!!  : )  sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet~

I love the packets of threads that a facebook follower named Pat sent me.  We did some thread swapping.  Thank you so much!  I love the paper too...   So much kindness!  : )

inside... six colors of mixed embroidery threads : )

A crazy thing happened... I won something!  ME.  No kidding.  I left a comment on the new Canadian Quilt Talk Radio's facebook page and poof!  This landed in my mailbox, directly from Susan Purney Mark herself.  WOW!

Awesome!  I can really use this too, so it will be well loved I'm sure.  : )

I feel a little badly that my six-word comment won.  They asked for 200 words-or-less submissions.  Well - technically, six is less than two-hundred...  Sigh.  I certainly didn't try very hard.  So to give back, I am putting this little supportive plug out to you all.  HERE is the Facebook page (click to link).  It's a great radio show that airs weekly.  It's brand new.  You can listen online HERE.  So far there are 5 episodes.  Brandy Lynn is the host and she is SO good at it!  I love listening to her voice.  One episode I listened to was an interview with Susan, and included a segment at the end called, "The Gentle Judge" where Anna Hergert's answers to judging questions are read on air by Brandie Lynn. I assume that's to be a regular feature?  Anna is a well known, well loved quilt judge, artist, and teacher.

So there you go!  That's a lot of happiness landing in my mailbox.  : )  I shipped this off to land in someone else's mailbox.  I can't wait to hear back.  She doesn't know it's coming... (was purchased as a gift).

Happy Thursday everyone!  : )


Willit Neverend said...

I just won a prize, too. I won nine fat quarters by leaving a comment at the Little and Lots blog...


It's exciting to win something, isn't it? It was a complete surprise for me, because I totally forgot it was a give-away, I just really wanted to comment the her quilt idea :)

I love your swaps and the beautiful gift someone is going to get as a surprise.

Now I'm off to check out Canadian Quilt Talk.

Brandy Lynn said...

Such a sweet blog post! Thank you. You totally deserved that prize for your short and sweet comment. It was hilarious. I just interviewed Ricky Tims today for the podcast. It was sooo cool!
- Brandy Lynn

Willit Neverend said...

OK, it's really getting to me now - I couldn't find your comment on the Facebook page and I'm just so super curious - what were the winning words?

HollyM said...

Oh, I love those sky dyes! And I've been itching for that DVD. I tried once to order it and it was out of stock.
I've been getting the email notices but haven't figured out how to listen to the interviews. I must do that.

Anonymous said...

Lucky you...I have that DVD on my wishlist.
Love Dahn's sunprint fabric...the weather was finally warm enough in Winnipeg for me to do some too! Gorgeous rich orange colour and beautifully crisp lines in her piece. Her dyed fabrics look pretty cool too.
Does she have a website/online shop?

Marsha in Winnipeg

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