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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

A Good Long Weekend (and new work)

I had a good long weekend.  Great things happened!  I was told that some of my work arrived in Scotland as a house warming (set of 3 landscapes) and the new owners are loving them!  Wow - that's exciting!  I shipped two pieces off to the other side of Canada also.  I started hooking a rug with some of wool Kari sliced up, and some of the silk I dyed with Patti.  I harvested lots of fruit from my lazy-prairie-woman-garden.  (All perennials and re-seeders.)  I did some baking.  Each morning, I did a little of this...

ah the sun.  ah the quiet.  thank god the mosquitoes are gone.

The weather was awesome.  It's been a very nice summer.  The dragonflies are out full force so we don't need mosquito spray anymore.  What else... oh!  The Fringe Festival is on!  We hung out there for a bit.  This weekend we are getting company from some very special friends.  My husband started renovating (many trips the hardware store).  During the weekend I managed some really good progress on my next-up commission.  It's been a long while since my last thread painting.  I've been up to my ears in postcards last month.  SO - take a look!  I am H A P P Y with this.  : )

(above) The upper left picture is the source photo I took from the highway.  The lower right piece is a bare bones thread painting.  I'm auditioning fabric for the red granaries.  You'd think it should be red-red.  But it's not.  This brick red and deep orange batik piece is perfect.

(below) I found the right rooftop fabric by flipping some over to show the backside.  Check it out!

Now I'll thread paint some more.  I'll do a bit by free machine, but the rest is all handwork.  I'll put in grasses, alfalfa, and then a shot of canola.  That will be French Knots of course.  By the way, I'm schedule to do a public stitching demo at Prairieland Park on Friday night!  Maybe I'll be finishing this while I'm there.  That will be fun.  Please say hello if you stop by the Saskatoon Exhibition.

Have a good week everyone!  Linking to WIP Wednesday at TN&TN.


Anonymous said...

i have always been totally in awe of your work - i may have mentioned once or twice or a thousand times! - but last week i was doing a wee bit of embroidery on a baby nightie for my soon-to-be-born grandbaby and by the time i had done about thirty french knots, i was totally knackered! my hand hurt, i had started wrapping the needle the wrong way so that they unravelled and i was VERY GROUCHY. i can only say - YOU ROCK!

B J Elder said...

The granaries look wonderful - you found the perfect color for the fabric. We often forget to look at the back side of fabrics, they can often be the side we need too. This piece is looking fabulous. I'm sure the new owner is going to be thrilled!

HollyM said...

It's a pretty piece but will be special when you add the hand stitching!

Giddings Art said...

I just love your work....it is already looking amazing!

Kim in AB said...

Beautiful, Monika!

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Lovely pictures Monika....

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