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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Sunday Snapshops

Good morning!  First off, to everyone who is connected to my Facebook Page, my lost engagement ring has been found and is back on my finger.  WHEW.  That was a horrible 12 hours.

As for Sunday Snapshots, here's some photos I took as we left Patti's farm from the dying day.  It took ten minutes to get to her place and about 45 minutes to get home. : )

country roads and lush, lush summer land

docks in a row

overflowing ditches that smell AMAZING

in the ditches.  up close and personal.

Happy Sunday!  Happy August Long Weekend...  And Happy Saskatchewan Day everyone! : )


Anonymous said...

I love the overflowing ditches pic. There's just something about fence posts and barbed wire :)

B J Elder said...

So glad your ring has been found. Hooray!
Love the pictures and can understand why the 10 minute trip took 45!

Giddings Art said...

As usual, your photos are gorgeous. I am so glad that your ring was found!! I can imagine your panic!

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