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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Things I Love Thursday

I love the commenters of my blog posts.  : )  You women are all so fantastic.  It's been many years of blogging and you all feel like good friends to me.  So - thank you for your friendship.  It means a lot.

I love the art of Sharron Begg.  She is a threadpainter - an amazing one.  I took a peek at her work on Flickr some time ago and fell in love with her ink illustrations.  So - we bartered this summer!  Here's what I picked.  She was surprised I picked a pine.  She has many drawings of fields and grasses and fences.  My heart was drawn to her evergreens.

Of all the trees, I love evergreens.  There's such a cleansing and powerful energy when you sit under one.  And the smell - SO fresh!  When I was younger, I always headed for evergreens whenever I needed to deal with crappy circumstances.  They always re-energized me.  It's proudly displayed up on top of my shelf-full-of-specials.  On the lower left is a postcard of one of Heather Lair's quilts.  On to the right is something new in my studio!

I saw this in a fibre art show at the Manitoba Crafts Museum when I was in Winnipeg this spring.  There were beautiful things there.  Oh my.  Breathtaking.  When I saw Beth's work, I was smitten!  I was giggling and cooing.  Her art gained an instant place in my heart.  However, I left the place without making a purchase and this piece didn't leave my thoughts.  I met Beth and her daughter a little later on at a Hand Embroidery class I ran there in June!  I couldn't believe it was her!  I told her all about the birdie in the grass and how love her work.  It's just adorable.  It's so heart to hand, mixing machine with hand stitches.  Her work is so happy.  Maybe that's what it was.  Anyhow - this arrived in the mail.  I love my bird in the hand : ) hehe.  Thank you Beth.  Something special is coming your way...

Happy Thursday!

1 comment:

HollyM said...

Oh you are lucky! That hand embroidered piece is sweet!
Your DVD is in the mail by the way.
Love the pen and ink too! Fir trees are a fabourite of mine too.

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