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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

End of Summer - Catchin' Up with You : )

Oh, it's the end of summer.  I have mixed feelings about that.  The days are good and hot (REAL hot), yet the sunshine is crawling further across the floor of my home every afternoon.  Today was a big work day.  It was Kari's last day of summer employment.  **Notice I didn't say last day period.  I have really enjoyed her companionship over the summer.  I think we have a long friendship ahead of us.  (Thank you Molly for the match-making.)  I'm writing this at 8 pm and still not done revamping the sewing room.  What a big job of sorting and organizing.  Look what she brought me this morning!

Yes, it's a little brownish-charcoal colored ball of yarn, quite small in the palm of my hand.  (wool?  yarn?  What is the right term?)  It's a very special little brownish-charcoal colored ball of yarn.  It's BISON hair!  It's the natural color as far as we figure.  It's especially sweet since I stitched a few bison onto a postcard this summer.  That turned out to be a big hit.  I want to stitch more of that beautiful beast.  Now I have this yarn!?  How authentic is that!?  COOL.  Kari - you rock.

You know that when most bloggers disappear, it's because they are up to something BIG.  Not me.  I just tended to home and family and school supply shopping.  ; )  I did finish up my little silk ribbon floral though!  I think I'll lace it and frame it up.  I don't know if it's perfect, but I sure love, love stitching with ribbons.

about 7x9"... hand dyed silk ribbon & yarn.

: )  If you follow my facebook page, you might have seen the photo of this in progress.  I was working on it outside.  As I threaded up another ribbon, I looked over to see a giant dragonfly had landed on the flower petals!  I clicked a crappy cell phone picture and posted it.  I thought that was a good omen.  Isn't that neat?

This commission is nearly done.  There's some finished touches I have planned, so this is still Work-In-Progress.

work in progress...  about 6.5x9"

It's looking pretty lush in the foreground, so I don't know if I want to put birds in the sky to balance it or not.  I will add a bit of yellow poking out from behind the buildings to pull it all together.  I've stopped stitching into the skies on some pieces.  I can't decide on that either.  To FMQ or not to FMQ?  hmmm... I'll wait and see what she says.  : )  I can't wait to photograph the final piece!

I should take this time to let you know about upcoming classes in Saskatoon as well.  If you sign up to my blog via email, you probably aren't aware of the running announcements at the top of my blog page.  Here you are:

* * * TEACHING * * * @ Creative House in Saskatoon. Call 306 652 0455 to register.
Creative Quilted Postcards Workshop Monday Sept 9
Handstitching 101 Wednesday Sept 11
Beginner Threadpainting Monday, Sept 16

I believe the maximum class size is larger now as they can seat up to 12 students instead of 6 or 8.  That's good news!  I likely won't be running anymore Saskatoon classes until the spring.  Also, please note that Creative House is open Monday to Thursday only unless you make an appointment via telephone.  So, if you are calling to book for those classes, you should avoid calling on the off days.  : )  If you need more information about the classes, you can find that in the "Workshops" tab at the top of my blog as well.

Okay!  Have a great week.  I'm linking to WIP Wednesday @ TN&TN.

(and WHOOPEE the blog has hit 500 followers!  Thanks everyone!)


B J Elder said...

It is great to see your WIP commission piece at the various stages. It is really wonderful. I think it is sometimes hard to decide when enough is enough as there always seems to be a little something more that we think about adding. I know the final product will be fabulous. You are such inspiration to me.

Threadpainter said...

Hi Monika ... glad to have you back blogging !
I always struggle with 'enough? or a bit more ?', too. With this latest piece of yours (stunning btw) I would rather you have some stitching in the sky ... try a fine silk thread which shows but isn't prominent ... hand-stitch it in, which makes it even less prominent but it finishes the painting and also takes care of the balancing issue (no birds needed). Just my opinion.
I am always pleased to hear of the small things that excite you ! I had a dragonfly land on my foot at the beach and could have stared at it forever ! I was sad when it flew away. I didn't get a photo because I didn't want to move and have it leave ;)

Threadpainter said...

oops ... forgot to say that in my clearing up of my sewing room I found a baggie of lion's mane !
Have had it for 20 yrs !!!
A fellow stitcher's friend had a small zoo in NS with a lion that she combed !!! Ant suggestions as to what I can do with it ? lol !

Anonymous said...

:) you're welcome!

Giddings Art said...

Bison hair!! How cool is that!! I LOVE your work in progress. It is gorgeous! I am a quilter but I kind of like this without FMQ. It will look great whatever you decide.

Willit Neverend said...

Personally, I like the stitched sky. I suppose, in a way, it can take away from the realism of the picture, but, at the same time, it puts the thread into thread painting :)

Margaret said...

Tried to post yesterday but the Internet wasn't co-operating! Thought of you as I worked on a canola field in one of my recent pieces...sans French knots! You still stitch canola better than anyone I know.

As for 'wool' -- it comes from sheep. Bison is just...bison. And what's spun from the coat of either animal is...yarn! :-)

Dahn said...

Hi Monika--glad to see you had such a great summer. Now back to work! lol
Looking forward to seeing what you are going to do now.

rtquilter said...

Lovely little ribbon flowers, Monika.

Caroline Heinrichs said...

Lovely scene and so vibrant!! Love to see what you are up to.

Monica said...

I love those ribbon flowers too! Is there a backing under that burlap?

Your prairie banner piece is also wonderful - beautiful colours and textures!

Dahn said...

PS--I would not touch that sky. I think thread would make it look to 'sketchy'. :-)

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