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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

I Cloned Me. (sort of)

It's the best thing I ever did!  I used to whine about how I wish I could clone me.  3 kids, big house, budding career... with no family around to help.  It was just too much to handle.  We don't have sitters / grandparents / aunties nearby.  Seriously, how many people take their children to work full time with them... and are still able to get anything accomplished without going insane?  If I'm not creating, creating, creating, then I get agitated and that is not a good state to be in.  So I did it.  I cloned me.  Well... I hired help is what I did.  I highly recommend it.  Kari has been fantastic.

Kari put the embroidery kit thread samplers together for fall classes

I don't hand the kids off to her.  I hand the impossible off to her.  Today I gave her a giant list of errands to run that would have taken me 2 days and lots of frustrations hauling kids in and out of stores against their will, in the summer heat.  I don't particularly love the feeling of being overwhelmed with to-do-lists.  Kari joyfully accomplished it all in four hours.  I'm sure it was a long four hours, but she says she loves it!  I feel guilty giving her my chores.  She just giggles, 'you mean you are making me go to the fabric store!?'  lol  I think she's quite loving her job.  Today she went to a post office for me, did some research, headed to a bookstore, a quilt shop, a craft store, a hardware store, a fabric store... I'm sure there was more.  I needed interfacing, washers and wingnuts, marking pens, shipping quotes, extra copies of Fibre Art Now (yes! it's in at McNally's finally). 

The cool thing is that while she was getting me all caught up with my sewing life, I gave the kids haircuts, harvested from the garden, baked 2 rhubarb coffee cakes with my daughter (one for us, one for Kari), vacuumed the house, did the dishes, had lunch with my kids, brewed up some wicked homemade rhubarb cherry punch, worked out and read through all my emails, and prepared for an upcoming garage sale.  That was accomplished before 3 pm.  I am not kidding. 

hangin' in the morning sun with my boy

It's been the best day ever.  I spent the evening hanging at a spray park and drinking slurpees with the kids.  I even headed out for a photo shoot in the country.  What a good day.  And it's all because of you Kari.  THANK YOU.  Thank you for your hugs and smiles when you hop into my house.  Thank you for all your help.  I feel all caught up.


a good night.


B J Elder said...

Sounds like you hired the perfect person, one who loves her "job" as much as you love your family and creating your works of art! So blessed.

mysweetprairie @gmail.com said...

She is wonderful. It is only one or two 1/2 days per week, but what a big deal it makes! :)


Bernie said...

I need a Kari! I would also give her the impossible but my list, of course, would be vastly different but between full time plus in the Operating Room, construction for about 20 hours during the weekend and evenings, fitness and eating/drinking/being merry I have no time for financial stuff, house work, ironing and assorted ugly at home tasks. Maybe she would like a second job?

HollyM said...

That sounds really wonderful. To have all t hose little jobs done while you get to do all the family things is great! Good for you!

Anonymous said...

oh my dear - i am giggling so hard at the image of kari 'hopping into' your house - it's so perfectly kari! and i'm sure she will cope just fine with the torturous chores of 'having' to go to the fabric store, the book store, and so forth! hugs to you both!

Kerry said...

Since your description made my mouth water maybe you could share a recipe for your rhubarb cherry punch? :)

Jeito Mineiro de Ser said...

Eu sempre me perguntava como algumas pessoas - inclusive você- conseguiam fazer tantas coisas bonitas tendo casa, filhos e etc... Agora eu já sei que estas pessoas enlouquecem também!
Que maravilhoso você ter a Kari e mais tempo para a família!
Um abraço!

I always wondered how some people - including you-could do so many things with beautiful house, kids, etc. ... Now I know that these people go crazy too!
How wonderful you have the Kari and more family time!

Patti said...

So wonderful Monika. I think we met at the quilt shop yesterday (if it's who I'm thinking of, lol) and she seems like a gem. You both won!

Jill said...

Sometimes we all need a little help! Sounds like it was definitely what you needed! :)

sherry said...

i want a Kari

Stitch byRachel said...

Jealous! I wish I could spend my days creating and hanging out with my kid AHHHH the life! Good for you! Sounds like you have the perfect help :)

Sarah T said...

Sounds like you've discovered the blissful feeling of 'flow' in your life. Well done!

I am also curious about rhubarb cherry punch, will you share the recipe?

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