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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sunday Snapshots

Summer has come and we are all becoming sunburned.  What a gorgeous weekend.  We've been enjoying sprinklers, lemonade stands, swimming, and some truly gorgeous skies as the heat of the afternoons bring on some brief & intense thunderstorms to cool off the evening.

I left a meeting on Wednesday night to get completely drenched in a last-minute thunderstorm.  The sky went orange, the wind blew, hail fell,  BUCKETS fell, and in 15 minutes... it was all over.  I stopped on the way home to stand out on 8th street and snap this next photo.

from my cell phone camera on 8th Street... it was so much more electrifying in real life.

Scenes like those are the reason that prairie people get all upset and take great offense to comments like, 'there's nothing to see here - just empty space'.  We hear the jokes all the time.  Breaks our hearts.

I've been finding great joy in the prairie floor.  I've been looking closer, and capturing different views with my zoom lens.  I was lucky enough to find a clay & felt flower press complete with a guide for beautiful mixed media work at a garage sale on Saturday  THAT intrigued me!

a closer look at the prairie.

THIS is what you get when you don't cut grass.  We are so used to mowed lawns.  If you let grass grow or find tufts of it at the base of a lampost, you'll see pinks and purples, mauve and plum, even a touch of indigo.

grass in bloom

Look at the pretty colors below!  Seed pods in peach, pink, plum, ochre, so many greens & yellows...

My mind is full of ideas - things to draw or hook or stitch or...  QUILT!  I ended up at Periwinkle's on Saturday, looking for BEIGE.  haha.  It didn't happen.  I came home with these lovelies!

To me, they are all familiar summer prairie colors.  Then I realized that this is my annual thing.  I make loads of threadpaintings for shows through the school year, and then by Canada Day I am banging out a quilt just for me.  I have the quilt top nearly done already!  I'll show you more later in the week so stay tuned.


HollyM said...

Monika, your energy is amazing! What beautiful, dramatic skies! Imagine those in thread.
And the colors on the grasses are beautiful. We artists really are inspired by the world around us. Can't wait to see your quilt! I love the fabrics!


"Olhar" e "enxergar" a diferença nem todos percebem!
O céu eséve deslumbrante, as pequenas flores especiais e os tecidos são muito bonitos!
Um abraço!


"Look" and "see" the difference not all realize!
The sky eséve stunning, small flowers and special fabrics are beautiful!


Giddings Art said...


Suztats said...

Fabulous photos! Thanks for sharing.

B J Elder said...

Every place has untold beauty, if only we open our eyes and look not just at the large picture, but at the small things too. There have been numerous times when I'm at a gorgeous place and people are taking the big landscape shots and I'm focusing on a small flower or water dripping through moss. I love seeing the prairie through your eyes and you have a wonderful way of capturing it.

Kim in AB said...

People who think there is nothing to see on the prairies just aren't looking!

Poppyprint said...

I haven't been in the prairie much, but when I am I thoroughly enjoy the big sky. Definitely don't have that here, what with the mountains in the way! Gorgeous pics!! I look forward to seeing your quilt.

rs gold said...

There has been several times when Now i'm at a gorgeous location and individuals are taking the big landscaping photos and I'm centering on a tiny blossom or even water seeping via moss. I love experiencing the actual prairie by your face and you have an excellent method of recording it.

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