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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Gearing Up for Winnipeg!

I'm excited and exhausted.  I leave soon so I've been getting everything ready.  While in Winnipeg for my big solo show, I'll be doing some trunks shows and workshops as well.  I really look forward to meeting the Manitoba Prairie Quilters! 

a quilt I made last summer...

We'll have a day long Postcards workshop and I'm their guest speaker the next night.  I'm nervous about trying to teach a packed house of 20 people, but I do look forward to the creativity that will come out as a result.  OH!  I'm dusting off my Prairie Dress and bringing her along too for show & tell!  : )

prairie dress in progress photo

*** On Sunday May 5th, I'm running a class on introductory embroidery at the Community Classrooms in the Grant Park / McNally Robinson's there.  I have kits and handouts...

There is space left in this class...  register here

Then from 4-6pm on May 5th, I'm having my birthday supper in the Prairie Ink Restaurant with a few friends & bloggers I've never met.  (Can you believe I won't even see my husband or kids on my birthday!?  :(((  My art won't be up that day yet, but if you are nearby and hungry, feel free to say hello or join us!

WOAH!  WHAT'S WITH WINNIPEG & EMBROIDERY THIS MONTH!?  I am so excited that I chose May for my show.  Talk about super-serendipitous timing!! While I'm there, the following events are happening around the city (I copied this all from the Manitoba Craft Council's newsletter FYI).

First Friday Opening :: Featuring MCML Embroidery
May 3, 5-9
Manitoba Craft Council
553-70 Arthur st
(Works will be shown on the Gallery Wall until May 31)

This exhibition, which is an extension of the “Just a Needle and Thread” exhibition currently on display at the Manitoba Crafts Museum and Library, features a broad range of embroidery pieces from the Museum collection. These works, made with tools as simple as a needle and thread, showcase the diversity of Manitoba embroidery and the tapestry of cultures in the province. With so much to inspire you we are sure you will be creating your own treasures with Just a Needle and Thread.

Just a Needle and Thread: Embroidering in Manitoba
Exhibit open through May 2013
Manitoba Crafts Museum and Library, 1B-183 Kennedy st

Just a Needle and Thread features work by Manitoba craftspeople and pieces from the museum collection which represent a broad range of embroidery in Manitoba. These works, made with tools as simple as a needle and thread, showcase the diversity of Manitoba embroidery and the tapestry of cultures in the province. With so much to inspire you we are sure you will be creating your own treasures with Just a Needle and Thread.  Works by Francesca Carella Arfinengo, Dot From, Maria van der Klok-Sieveking,Heather Komus, Selina Lawrence, Betty Mayes, Willow Rector, Susanne Sulkers, Susanne Sulkers-Leurs, Sandra Toyne, and Beth Wolchock-Brown will be exhibited.  Many embroidery programs and events will be running parallel to the exhibition. Check our website or call 487-6117 for more information.
MCML Craft Stash Sale
May 4, 2013, 10-2
Mark your calendar for a great sale of craft tools and supplies.  We are also accepting donations of items from your stash that you won't ever use.  Donations can be dropped off at MCML during our regular hours: Tues & Wed 10-4 and Saturday 12-4.

Monika Kinner-Whalen - Small Works Gallery Opening  (hey - that's me!)
May 6, 2013, 7:30 pm (Opening)  Exhibit & Sale is up until June 2, 2013
McNally Robinson, Grant Park, Winnipeg
Showing My Sweet Prairie: A collection of embroidered fibre art.
Monika Kinner-Whalen was born and raised on the Canadian prairie. She states, "I am a full time fibre artist, specializing in freestyle machine sewing and hand embroidery. My creations are expressions of my love for the prairies and are inspired by my own personal photographs. This technique is commonly referred to as ‘thread paintings’. I am constantly amazed by the texture and intricate beauty that can be achieved by working with threads, and am excited to continue my work as I see my skills and art improve with each new piece."  For more about this event, click here.

Articulated Materials - Bridging Waters
May 10-18
Opening Reception May 10, 7-10
Cre8ery Gallery, 2nd floor 125 Adelaide
Articulation, a Canadian exhibiting art group working with textiles and fibre as a fine art medium, takes traditional fiber art techniques in new and contemporary directions. Since 2004 they have organised annual study sessions to unique places in Canada, which serve to unify the resulting individual bodies of work when shown in their group exhibitions across Canada.  See the full details here.

The Embroiderers Association of Canada Seminar 2013
May 14-19, 2013
Winnipeg will host the Embroiderer's Association of Canada (EAC) Seminar in 2013.  The 40th anniversary of the founding of the EAC is a big milestone.  Seminar is a 5-day event filled with classes, tours, social events, and fun.  It's a chance for stitchers to gather, learn, and enjoy stitching.
Full details can be found here.
The Winnipeg Embroider's Guild meets on the first Thursday of the month, Sept-June, 7-9:15 pm at St Mary's Road United Church, 613 St Mary's Road.

Impressive.  I'll be busy!  I'm going to have so much fun.

supplies & samples packed

Check out this find: caffeinated chocolate bars.  SERIOUSLY!?  I bet if I eat this, I can drive all the way from Saskatoon to Winnipeg without having to stop for any bathroom breaks.  lol  How far is it?  Like, TEN hours!?

heck - who needs cups of coffee!?  I won't!  lol

WOOHOO!  ; )

Have a great 1st-day-of-May.  All the best,


Anonymous said...

Drive safe, with or without the chocolate bar. All the best with your show, I am sure many people will be happy to see you. Wish I was one of them, but living in Ontario and working, not able to make it.
Vivien Levermore

Patti said...

Have a great trip! Enjoy the scenery and have fun!

Jeane said...

All the best in your show and sale as well as the many workshops you are doing in Winnipeg. Your work is beautiful.

Threadpainter said...

Happy Birthday and have a great time !

Juanita said...

Have a wonderful time in Winnipeg. You will be great!! I am envious of those lucky people who get to go to your workshops. And have a happy birthday!

Verna G said...

Have a good time! I know you will do well!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Monika!
Have a wonderful time in Winnipeg.

scott davidson said...

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The image can be seen at wahooart.com who can supply you with a canvas print of it.

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