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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Sunday Snapshots

Ice - Ice - baby...

I love to hear the crrrackle of the frozen puddles when you step on them!  I stood there and just listened to the snow melt.  It's amazing.  You CAN HEAR it!  Here are some snapshots I took during an early morning walk this week.  ENJOY!

air bubbles under the surface

investigating some pieces up close

sooo pretty!  I adore this scene - - the colors and the sparkle.  So tender.

It's like things melt in the day and get a little greener, and then at night they are literally frozen in time.  Then the sun melts down a little more the next day.  SLOWLY things grow and turn a bit greener, then again...  night falls and ice is formed.  And on and on...  fascinating.

Creating slowly... like handstitching.  Creating slowly.

HAPPY SUNDAY!  (ps- these are from earlier in the week.  Let it be known that the snow is gone and we are enjoying sping and heat and birds and bugs. : )


HollyM said...

We are enjoying similar weather I think. It feels good!

Threadpainter said...

Yahoo ... bugs ! Never thought I would be so glad to see them again !
Great ice photos !!!

Jeito Mineiro de Ser said...

Que incrível! Nunca pude ver este espetáculo...nosso frio não forma gelo/neve, no máximo uma neblina, pela manhã... Eu, não conheço a neve, o gelo "in loco"... Obrigada pelas lindas fotos!
Um abraço!


Bernie said...

The snow is mostly gone in the city I noted but there is still anywhere from 2 to 5 feet of it out here in the country just as an fyi. Not much turning green out here yet but the water is running like crazy.

viv sliwka said...

Fabulous shots!

Apologies for not replying to your comments...I just found them in my Spam folder. Yes, I do have a purse in the Sophie Long book. The book is brilliant, isn't it? viv @ hens teeth

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