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Saturday, 4 May 2013

My Roadtrip to Friendly Manitoba

I hit the road with a packed vehicle first thing Thursday morning.  Basically, to get from Saskatoon to Winnipeg on the twinned highway, you only turn once.  HAHA!  No kidding.  I have a gps, and I headed south to Regina.  In the middle of Regina the gps announced, "turn left and drive for 578 kilometres"!  Sure enough, that brought me right into Winnipeg.  It was a long drive.  Before I headed out of Saskatchewan, I saw a sign on the side of the road that read, 'QUILT SHOP'.  So of course I turned in.

Wolseley, SK

It was so pretty!  They were so welcoming. : )  There was some art on the walls by a local tapestry artist that entirely blew me away.  I might just buy one on the way back - so I hope I sell some pieces while I'm here in Winnipeg so I can go spend my art money on art.  Isn't that the way?  It was there in Woseley that I crawled into the back of my van and shut my eyes for a bit.  Yes - I slept in the vehicle on a street outside of a quilt shop.  Seems like a great spot, right?  Eventually, I woke up and drove the rest of the way.  Alllllll the way to my hotel bed.  YAWN.

The next morning, I woke up in Manitoba to a sunny day.  I had a few things on my agenda and a found a few surprises along the way!  First stop - CRAFT STASH SALE!  How nice to see garage sale signs out again.  That's a sure sign of winter being gone.

Manitoba Craft Museum & Library 'stash sale'

I found out about this event on their facebook page.  There were boxes and boxes of rug hooking wool all sorted by color for sale CHEAP.

fibre art supplies for sale!  : )

WOW.  I filled a huge bagful, and it only came to $8!  Fun fun.  It was nice to meet the organizers.  The Craft Museum & Library are closed today, but I definitely want to go see it next week.  (See yesterdays' post for their Just a Needle & Thread exhibit.  It's an exhibit of contemporary and historic embroidery from Manitoba (LOVE!!).  O-M-G I can't wait.

Lunch time rolled around and I headed to the mall where the big McNally Robinson's bookstore is.  (IT IS BIG>  wow).  In the hallway I met this fabulous silk artist!

Rebecca Cramer : )

So - I told her I have a blog and asked if I could show her off to me readers.  She said yes.  Her work is jsut gorgeous.  I see a lot of silk painting that is abstract-y.  Rebecca makes the most incredible designs of detailed animals... and this!

Manitoba's 'Golden Boy' silk scarf painting in progress (WOW)

Her scarves are for sale in an art/craft boutique there in the mall (Glitz Gallery).  She also had a silk piece prepped for passers by to try their hand at painting.  One lucky winner will be drawn to win it!

hands-on silk painting

But wait!  There's more.  I also got word about the Etsy Handmade West sale form some bloggers I know but have never met.  (Thanks ladies!)

ETSY Winnipeg

ALL of the sellers here are Etsy sellers that got together as a 'team' in Winnipeg.  I've purchased things from some of them before.  LOOK!  It's Prairie Threads!

Prairie Threads (blog & Etsy store)

I finally get to meet her!  : )  Her blog is here.  I met Cloverleaf Art & Fibre too though I have no photos.  (see www.cloverleaffibre.com)  I also met these two women - I really liked their craft items.

Kara Wiebe, vintage banners.  www.hemdesign.ca

Andrea Davis, book artist.  www.weareboundtogether.com

Oh what I great day!  I'm so happy I got out to meet all these people and check out all these places.  If you can believe this - I saw an icecream vendor as I headed back to my vehicle from the West sale!  Its' only plus 10.  That's hardcore.  : )

ding ding ding - Ice cream! - ding ding ding

More fun tomorrow!
(p.s.  I hear the crocuses are blooming near Saskatoon!?)  Woohoo!


PrairiePeasant said...

It was great to meet you in person Monica! Thanks for coming to the WEST sale. Forgive me for making a correction here, but my blog is called PrairiePeasant, although my etsy shops are PrairiePeasant and PrairieThreads.
Thanks! :-)

Kit Lang said...

"turn left and drive for 578 kilometres"


Patti said...

I am pea-green with envy! So many great sales to shop at! And glad you had a good trip to Winnipeg. Looking forward to hearing more!

Nicki said...

Sounds like an awesome road trip! Have a great time in Winnipeg and I look forward to reading more about your adventure

Michelle V. Alkerton, mixed media artist said...

Dropping by to say Happy Birthday!

Stay inspired!

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