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Monday, 15 April 2013

Ribbon Love

I'm so glad I tried my hand at silk ribbons!  I'm especially excited that I find it easy to dye them (way easier, quicker, and less mess than dying fabric).  I get my ribbon online from Ribbonsmyth.  Her link is my sidebar fyi.  I don't do much more than Japanese Ribbon Stitch with an occasional on-purpose-twist.  So far though, that is all I need for some of my art.  I knew the widest 7mm yellow ribbon would be gorgeous for poplar leaves, so away I went...

my photo on the left, my fibre on the right

Grey mattled raffia paper makes excellent bark!  I think one of the most exciting things for me in this field is to find just the fibres for the job.  It's like treasure hunting.  It's like inventing.  It's like sculpting with found objects ; )

oooh!  look at that!  : )  click to view larger if you like.

That is so cool don't you think!?  I am most certainly getting more ribbon. 

***Just so you know, when I run the stitching class in Winnipeg (3 weeks away!) I'll be bringing silk ribbon along too!  You can bet on that.  The 2 hr class is only $20 and includes fabric and a thread & ribbon sampler kit.  Here's the ad below with a short list of what participants will need to bring.  
Here's the link to sign up if you are interested.

Winnipeg MB,  May 5


Vivien Levermore said...

Lovely, thank you for sharing the process. Can I ask what your art usually sells for?


Kajin said...

I love your work - and I love when you are describing your process.

Your work is a source of inspiration for me.

Kit Lang said...

Wow, that's incredible, Monika! I love the effect you get with the ribbons for the leaves.

Wish you were teaching in Toronto. *pout*

Juanita said...

It's lovely! I like the way your raffia looks on the tree trunk. I haven't tried the 7 mm ribbon yet but I'm planning on trying out the narrower 2mm ribbon for flower petals etc. Thanks for telling us about Ribbonsmyth. My tiny framed florals sold out at last weekend's show.

Christie describeHappy said...

Oh my word, how neat to see those leaves and knowing they are ribbon! I'm enjoying your journey!

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