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Saturday 9 February 2013

Make A Wish!

Finished!!  Aaah!!  I'm thrilled!  I did it!  Oh boy.  This is the biggest piece I've ever worked on, and it happens to be packed FULL of French Knots.  Anything smaller is going to feel like a piece of cake after this one.

click to view LARGER

I'm likely going to call it Make a Wish.  Many people comment on my work via facebook and write, "oh!  that looks so real!".  It doesn't seem like that when I'm working on it.   When I'm stitching, it feels like I have to make up a way to get the little details of thread to end up looking like water or a field, etc.  I don't feel like it looks exact at all when you see it up close.

detail - trees and horizon

detail - water and distant fields

detail - dandelion puffs in great abundance

I guess that's what I enjoy the most - watching people look, and get closer to see more, and then come in even closer to examine every little detail that makes up the whole scene. Well - and you know I thoroughly enjoy heading out to find stitching inspiration.  Aaah... spring can't come soon enough.

original photo I took on Floral Road, 2010

Have a terrific weekend!


Heather Lair said...

Monika, you are a genius with a needle and thread! I love seeing the closeups to see how you pose each and every stitch. Never one too many, or one too few! Brilliant!
Heather :)

CitricSugar said...

Freakin' amazing! How are your poor hands after all those french knots??? :-)

Beautiful work.

B J Elder said...

Another great piece... close up and at a distance. My goodness, that is a lot of french knots, but the difference it makes is huge. Well done.

Lynette said...

The depth in this one is just amazing!!

Melissa said...

That is just beautiful. I love the way the sky looks in this one, and how it's reflected in the slivers of water.

Vicki W said...

It's breathtaking!

Margaret said...

What a wonderful piece! You're a braver woman than I -- all those knots!

Threadpainter said...

Absolutely lovely !
But I was looking forward to a # of dots ... did you lose track or get too tired of keeping track ? I would of lost track after 20 !

josette.272@gmail.com said...

une splendeur a regarder merci pour ces merveilles biz

Marcela said...

Really great and wonderful landscape and work! I`m really atonished!
Best Wishes!


HollyM said...

I know what you mean about struggling with those close up details, but this piece from my screen really does look real! It's lovely! I sure do admire your persistence!

Ellie said...

Oh Monika this is absolutely beautiful - you have worked so hard on this. Well done!!! :)

Dahn said...

Outstanding. It was worth the time to make all of those french knots.
Who knew dandelions could look so great. :-)

Marti said...

I love french knots and I love your work. Beautifully done.

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