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Monday, 11 February 2013

New Books (and the winner is...)

On Friday, I had people guessing what books I bought.  I said that I would send little gifts to the first person that could guess one correctly.  Here they are, out of the book bag!

titles and authors of my new books

I tend not to buy 'how to stitch' books.  I tend to buy books on nature or painting believe it or not.

I picked The Great Saskatchewan Bucket List by Robin & Arlene Karpan in order to find cool places in the province to explore & photograph.  There are 50 places listed, including the Badlands, salt water lakes, Waterfalls, and two giant masses of moving sand dunes.

I picked On Arctic Ground by Debbie S. Miller because of the photography.  I have a deep desire to go north - the idea thrills me to no end!  All my life I've wanted to travel the treeless tundra.

I chose Saskatchewan Wayside Wildflowers by Linda Kershaw for the purpose of plant identification in my art.  I LOVE this field guide.  It's terrific!  It would only be better if it were spiral bound so it would lie open.

Linda Kershaw's book has great clean & clear photos of each flower/weed that is covered

It has great photos instead of sketches.  Ideal!  And it's all color coded so I'll be able to find them easily when I don't know the name.  PERFECT.  : )  Check this out - in my studio, I can use my kitchen cookbook stand to hold it open!  Isn't that awesome?  And look at the amazing reference pages!  I LOVE this book.  It is so helpful.

terrific book for me by Linda Kershaw / Saskatchewan Wayside Flowers

Juanita was the first person to suggest a nature book about grasses.  I thought she was so close that I emailed her to tell her so.  Then another email came in just last night from Jojo.  It was in French.  I had my bilingual son translate it for me and Jojo's guess included books on flowers and books on landscapes.  WOW Jojo, you were right on!  So... I'm going to send some goodies to the BOTH of you.  Congrats Juanita and Jojo!  Please send your mailing address to me at mysweetprairie@gmail.com and I'll pack up something I hope you'll both enjoy.  : )  YAY!


HollyM said...

Congratulations to those smart bloggers! The bucket list one sounds really interesting and the One on the arctic looks beautiful! I'd love to go north too. I have an Audubon wildflower book that I use a lot. This winter I've been picking up lots of seed pods that I'd love to identify.

Juanita said...

Wow!! I'm thrilled. I didn't know there would be prizes as well as bragging rights:) And good for you Jojo! Monika,your books look wonderfully inspirational. I can see why you chose them. I love the colours of the arctic tundra. Will send you my mailing address. Thank you so much.

Becky said...

I love your new books! I'm also a big nature fan, and have many more nature books than quilting ones. Very cool! Those wildflowers will give you much inspiration!!

Patti said...

Great books! I have the bucket list and wildflowers books. Love them. And Staples used to spiral bind books. We had a customer that would take all her quilting books there and have them spiral bound so they would lay open!

Ellie said...

These look like very interesting books. I just love books - I try not to go into bookshops too often so I don't buy to many, lol.

Margaret said...

I never would have guessed. Living in Alberta, of course, puts me at a distinct disadvantage...but hey! If you're ever out this way in the summer, you need to check out the Ellis Bird Sanctuary and Butterfly Garden...right up your alley!

Kitchener Quilter said...

I could not think which books you would buy, but I am not surprised by your choices. I love that Sask. plant book. Great for identifying your flower species. I have a number of plant books, and am always bringing home flowers to id.

Dahn said...

I didn't even try to guess, since you have such broad interests--from photography to quilting, to art quilts to sewing and on and on.

These look like awesome resources. I am stealing your idea and am going to look for Yukon books that describe the 3 flowers that grow here. Maybe I don't need a book. :-)

To see tundra you need to go the the NWT. We have trees and trees and mountains. No tundra for hundreds of miles far north.

Melissa said...

Tundra is absolutely beautiful but it is almost too much of too many things at once. If you ever happen to travel to northern alaska there is this beautiful river called "Squirrel River" that has the deepest blue's shot through it. I love the clean simplistic look of your prairie photo's though, they remind me of warmer places.

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