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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Things I Love Thursdays

I love my kids, winter, the prairies, and sewing.  That pretty much sums up my life.  : )

mama at work  : )

My six year old Arwen took this photo from the back of the open van.  I believe it's the only candid photo I have of myself... ever.  lol  I'm always the one with the camera.  Anyway, I love her too. : )

Happy Thursday!


ann said...

Can you add..love my sweater? 'Cause I love your sweater. Were you hitch hiking to your next gig? I'm just trying to figure out middle of winter , middle of road, trusty machine in hand ;))

sherry said...

that child has a great eye for photos..must have got it from the momma

Jane LaFazio said...

So you're carrying your sewing machine down a snow covered road?? hmm. cute photo though!

Patti said...

We prairie girls can sew anywhere! ;)

Stitching Impressions said...

HI Monika,

I am a regular follower of your blog and love your work. Being a longarm quilter, your work is a little different from mine but I love what you do. I am hoping to try a few small pieces myself. Looks like fun!
Thanks for the inspiration.


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