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Friday, 25 January 2013

Friday Finish - Rosewood Once.

There was a spot I used to love to park when we first moved back to Saskatoon.  It was behind the Shopper's off Boychuck Drive at Taylor Street.  I would park there to watch both sunrises and harvest moon rises.  One spring afternoon, a huge thunderstorm had just began to clear.  There were rainbows out and everything was wet and muddy.  I was finished getting my groceries in the area and had to park to snap some pictured.  The sky was amazing!  There was one giant cloud, so bright in the sun!

I loved the swooshes and blue in this one.  It was so humid and the grass was so... dead.  It was early spring when you get to see this year's life and last year's death all at the dame time.  I finally decided I needed to stitch this old photo. I had the perfect blue fabric, and followed my mother's footsteps with the white chalk clouds.

The sky has to be right before I'll start on the land.  Above is a photo of it in progress.  It's a fairly simple piece, but I ADORE it nonetheless.  I named it Rosewood Once.  Strange sounding name?  Today, when I park in this same spot, there is a view of dozens and dozens of homes that are the new community of Rosewood in the south east corner of the city.  Our city has boomed like you wouldn't believe in the past several years.  Thus... this was Rosewood once upon a time.

Rosewood Once, 2013

There it is!  All done.  I love that sky.  I love the glowing pale yellow on the horizon.  I love the wet earth and the way it's holding water.  It's extremely "prairie spring".  Oh - aren't we all antsy for spring arounnd here!?  It won't be long now.  Because this one is so personal to Saskatoon, I plan to put it in Gardenscape in March instead saving it for Winnipeg.

Another one down... off to stitch another. : )  Have a good weekend!


HollyM said...

It's a beautiful scene. I'm quite amazed by the sky! Is it painted?

Molly said...

i use to ride my motorcycle around there - it was so beautiful in spring and early summer. so many birds and insects - so alive! we seem to have 'paved paradise' once again.
you've captured the feeling there - perfectly! thank you! good memories!

liniecat said...

Fantastic..........and yes, a great sky!

lej619 said...

Once again I am in aw of your talent! I have a question... I am going to be bold and ask. Did you print the picture on the fabric then did the stitching?

Monika Kinner-Whalen (MySweetPrairie) said...

Oh gosh no! I never print my landscape photos. I do them all by sight. I lay out the right colors of fabric first, tack them down with lapel stick and then add thread. If I was printing my photos, I wouldn't ever claim the term 'artist'. I have stitched out bird photos of mine to serve as class samples when teaching threadpainting... but the art I sell involes no printers... I don't even trace.

I'm glad you asked!

: )

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