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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Things I Love Thursdays

Be.  Still.  My.  Beating.  Heart.

Here it is... hand embroidered prairie art by Margot Lindsay.  Of all the fibre art I have ever laid my eyes on, hers just captivates me and melts my heart beyond belief.  I love - love - love her work.  I just can't say enough!

Autumn Thicket, 2010 by Margot Lindsay, Saskatoon SK

She has pieces for sale at the Darryl Bell Gallery, and I was able to pop in on the weekend and look through it all the day before the grand opening of the Lifestyles store (debit card in hand).  I recognized several of her pieces as I had seen them at her place when they were being created.  I had not seen this particular one before.  As soon as I saw it I knew it was the one for me.  It was made in 2010.  I met Margot in the spring of 2011 at one of my shows.  That was the day she invited me to come learn some stitches from her.  Since then, she's come to be somewhat of a mentor for me.  I have adored her work ever since then and have been anticipating owning one for myself.  There was something about this piece - the softness, the wildness, the mix of all my favorite colors...  and of course, the yellow grasses.  : )))  The funny thing is that since I brought it home with me, I can't even bear to hang it on the wall!  I've been carrying it around the house and displaying it where ever I happen to be working or sitting.  lol  I am smitten indeed.

Oh Happy Thursday - one of the happiest ever!!
THANK YOU MARGOT for creating such incredible beauty.


Patti said...

Lucky girl!! Margot's work is breathtaking. And it has a home where it will be loved and appreciated too! Someday I hope to own one of her pieces too! Congrats!

lej619 said...

Beautful!! I would love to take a class on this! Or have someone show me. I an very much a visual person.
Thanks for sharing

JennyPennyPoppy said...

Wow - this is a wonderful work of stitching to own and very special too that you know the artist.

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