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Friday, 18 January 2013


Oh my!  I just got the latest SK Craft Council newletter emailed to me.  They put a link to my blog in it!  I had no idea that was going to happen.  That's like getting a sudden load of company when your house is a mess.  I don't even have a blog banner up right now.  (Blog currently undergoing a make over.)

So,  I guess I'll have to make-do.


I have been working ALL week on this embroidery of the grasses at Beaver Creek.  Want to see how it's coming along?   It's based on source photos that I took out there last autumn.

threadpainting a background in

That took a couple days. This is all about grasses and much less about sky and big views.  The next step is to work in the brush that is closer to the foreground.  I decided that it's time to try out those silk embroidery threads and use them for the leaves.  (Thank you Pixie!!)

Away I went...  stitch stitch stitch...

I got quite a bit done, but then I realized I definitely need a bigger range of colors.  I set out for the afternoon in search of silk embroidery ribbon.  I went to some thrift shops.  Nothing.  I went to Prairie Lily Knitting.  None there.  Finally I went to Michael's which I was trying to avoid.  NONE there either!  Good gosh.  It was nearly home time for my kids so I ended up racing home empty handed, not sure what to do.

Where do people buy silk ribbons?  I have about a dozen colors, but all have been gifted to me.  I dug through my stash until I found a few more colors.  Baby blue... pale yellow... then I had an idea!  I pulled out my beloved Chartreuse Jaquard fabric dye and brushed some on.  LOOKIE!!  These are AWESOME!  Some yellows & blues were variegated with pink, and the chartreuse turned it a beautiful autumn orange.  NICE.  Look at the range!

Makin' do with silk ribbon - dyed, dried, pressed.

I'm terribly happy right now.  I'm spending the rest of the night stitching...  : )  Makin' do!

Have a great weekend, and thanks to the Saskatchewan Craft Council for showing off my blog.  That was so nice.  Please say hi if you are stopping by for the first time.  You can also check out any of the tabs at the top of the page.  Good night!  ; )


Esther Aliu said...

Love love your stitches!
Your art is truly beautiful.

Bee said...

Your dyed ribbons turned out beautifully! I don't think you could have purchased colors that perfect if you had found the ribbon in the stores. I can't wait to see the finished piece! By the way, your blog looks fine....just like when we think our house is a mess but the company doesn't notice. : )

B J Elder said...

Your solution worked out perfectly for your ribbons. They are gorgeous and the ribbon addition really adds to your already wonderful piece.

Kitchener Quilter said...

I have been trying to remember where I've seen those silk ribbons you write about. I'll keep my eyes open from now on for you, but I think I've seen them mostly at big quilt shows like Houston, where there is a huge quilt market. I would suggest hand-dying your own. It wouldn't be difficult.

BTW, I love these ribbons in your work, they add such a wonderful dimension.

JM in Toronto said...

Hi Monika,

The ribbons you dyed look wonderful!

If you are looking for a source of hand-dyed silk ribbon, Treenway Silks has some gorgeous ones:

They used to be on Salt Spring Island, BC, but the founders sold the business to a couple in Colorado last year. I did order from them when they were in BC a few times and have purchased various threads and silks at craft shows as well.

They have solid colours as well as the Montano series, above, which are variegated. The different textures of some of the threads (buttonhole twist, fine cord, etc.) can give some great texture to projects.

You can also purchase skeins of natural silk in various widths to dye yourself.

Oh, and Superior Threads also sells some variegated silk ribbon as well, and I've ordered from them, too.

Judy in Toronto

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