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Sunday 30 December 2012

Sunday Snapshots

Minus 30 degrees Celcius...  we headed out to Beaver creek to feed the Chickadees with our bare hands.  : )  Enjoy the photos I took along the way home as the sun began to sink around 5pm.

this photo makes my heart skip a beat!!  : )

I accidentally headed down the wrong road.  Saskatoon was east.  I went west.  I turned around and saw this lovely bright red facing the setting sun.  It was so striking as everything was a soft pink & blue.

The blue winter shadows on the prairie are SO long when there's nothing in the way.  : )

It's not glaringly obvious, but if you'll notice, there are all the primary colors in this next photo - soft blue, yellows, and pink (light red).  I thought that was kind of neat.

I love my new camera!   : )

Speaking of photos - congrats to B J Elder!  Your name was chosen for a 2013 Calendar that I have a photo in.  Send your mailing address to me at mysweetprairie@gmail.com and I will mail it off to you first thing.  : )

Happy Sunday Everyone!


Molly said...

when we drove to humboldt last week, i was so struck by the blues (many!) in the snow-shadows. and all the other colours appearing so subtly in our landscape here. i love saskatchewan!
and that first photo makes my heart skip a beat too!
what a year you've had, my dear! here's to 2013 and all the lovelies you will see and sew and create!

B J Elder said...

THANK YOU! I'm so excited to have won the calendar.
It's been cold and snowy here as well, but not as cold as your temps, brrrr. That new camera of yours does a fine job, your pictures are wonderful!

Sheila said...

Those photos just prove how beautiful Winter can be , gorgeous photos and I love your new camera too ;-)

Rose said...

Your photos are always gorgeous! And the work you create from them stunning! I grew up in South Dakota and miss these scenes from winter! Don't miss the actual snow though lol.

Cloverleaf Art and Fibre said...

Oh my. Each one of those photos is glorious. I love how you celebrate winter, and make the most of the fleeting light.

HollyM said...

I love how you celebrate winter too! That little red building is wonderful. I've been out taking pictures too although its not quite as cold.
I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the new pictures!
Happy New Year!

Juanita said...

Your photographs are so stunning! I just love the long shadows and all the subtle shades. So many wonderful songs about the prairies and I think they must be true....

Mary Ann Tate said...

Amazing photos:) The first one is my favourite though....just stunningly beautiful.

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