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Monday, 31 December 2012

Let the Credits Roll...

2012 was fabulous!
Thank you to:

Wendy and George at Creative House Sewing Centre for all their support,

Carla & John at A Needle Pulling Thread Magazine for the terrific opportunity to be featured in such a gorgeous magazine,

Heather & the crew at Quilters Connection Magazine for asking to feature my art and my dress on more than one occasion,

Liz at Janome Canada for a fabulous spotlight on the Janome Life blog,

Judy McCrosky for having me teach at her Studio on 9th, and for volunteering to take on the Postcard Cottage Group as new list owner,

Everyone at Periwinkle for the helpful advice - and also the welcoming smiles every time,

Joy for her fearless antics and for her joy,

My remarkable 'guildies' - The women of the Saskatoon Quilter's Guild and The Bridge City NeedleArts Guild for cheering me on and believing in me,

The Saskatchewan Craft Council for the huge steps you helped me make,

Craftsy for wanting me but letting me say no thank you (we're still friends, maybe some day),

Eleanor at Meinke Toy Uncommon Fibre Art Supplies for being SO kind,

Heather Lair for her incredible generosity,

Karen Neary - oh Karen - the things you did for me... that which shall not be named.  lol!!

Rita for her help with Feature Fridays at The Needle & Thread Network,

Annette in Watrous for her kindheartedness,

Jackie, for threatening me to enter the dress into the national juried show, : )

Patti for making sure I didn't miss the crocuses in bloom,

Bernie for directing me to the flax fields,

Donna for introducing me to Beaver Creek before the leaves dropped,

Elizabeth for 'the lecture' on value and art,

Molly for all her gifts,

Jane for her thread,

Margot for her friendship, direction, fibres, and patience,

Joyce for bringing life back into my tired hands,

Everyone at SaskMade Marketplace, Gardenscape, The Centre East Galleries, Friends of the Forestry Farm House, and the Affinity Gallery for providing a stage for my creations,

ALL of my blogging buddies, facebook friends, and artists I've met along the way - what a great community we are!  The support, the gifts in the mail, the endless realm of creativity, photography, and inspiration from all over this planet,

To the people I know and the people I have never met who love my art enough to take some home - often again and again.  It's a thrilling and humbling experience that never gets old.  I am over the moon every time!

To all my readers for your comments in particular.  Thank you.  Your words make my every move so much more passionate. 

Finally, thank you to my dear sweet family for their undying support to let mama do what makes her happy!  I love you for letting me follow my heart.  X O

see you next year!


HollyM said...

What a full 2012 you have had! I feel so blessed to have found the blogging community! Without it I might have gone crazy here.
Happy New Year!

elle said...

And thank you to you, too. Happy New Year!

Molly said...

and thanks to you, monika, for sharing your incredible talents with us - your photos, your stitchery, your insights into the world. you help us see the beauty in nature!
cheers and happy new year!

Leanne said...

All the best to you Monika for the coming year. Thank you for being so inspiring to me, I look forward to reading your blog and watching your beautiful projects this coming year too.

Karen said...

It sounds like the Academy Award of years for you; I think you swept multiple categories! I will be giggling about that little caper from the spring into my old age(and you didn't think I had it in me to do!! :) Happy 2013 to you and your family, Monika; I wish you a year full of even more wonder and accomplishments than the last.

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