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Monday, 19 November 2012

The Ups, The Downs.

First, the ups.  I had such a great time at the show this weekend.  I want to thank the organizers for including me in the Little Gems show.  Friday night was not too busy and I spent the evening visiting with so many wonderful artists in paint, glass, and sculpture.  I met some very seasoned artists and learned so much.  I loved their stories.  Saturday, two pieces of my four were sold (Thank you!!).  I wasn't there when it happened so I have no idea who the buyers are, which feels pretty weird to not make that connection.  It's like not knowing who adopted your creations, and wondering if they will love them as much as I did?

On Sunday, I spent the afternoon there with my 6 yr old.  She apparently captured many hearts.  She was armed with a pad of paper and some markers.  She proudly walked around with a wine glass full of strawberries and mints, schmoozing with everyone.  At the end of the night, she took her supplies into the room where my art was.  There was Lakewood 2 on the wall with a sold sticker on it.  Since I wasn't taking it home, she decided to quickly sketch it out for herself.  TOO CUTE.  She bent over her book, popping her head up and down to look back at the original.  She put in the sky, the trees, and then 42 yellow flowers into the foreground.  She told everyone "because I counted and mama had 42 stitched bumps in the field."  And there's me... no camera.  Of course.  :(

My daughter gushed over Ric Pollack's found object sculptures.  She wrote in the guest register:  RIC IS COOL.  Then she spied the little sheep he made set up on a pedestal.  "Oh mama look!  Please can you buy it for me!?  Oh I love the little sheep!!!" she begged.  I knelt down and slowly pulled the one out of my purse that I had just purchased.  I whispered, "this is for you."  Well... tears welled up in her eyes and she held me so tight.  "This is the best day ever!" she cried.   And like, she was actually crying. 
Oh my.

Buying a piece of art that affects you to that extent really is a heartfelt and happy moment.  I hope Ric reads this.  As an art owner, I totally understand my daughter's excitement.  As an art producer, it's really incredible to be on the other side and see how your work affects people.  It changes my life when I see someone hold my work in their arms and watch the appreciation on their face.  It's a moment where no one ever has the right words, and a moment where both people are saying thank you to each other. 

Me and Painter Nicki Ault at The Mix Friday night.

It really hits home about how important art is in society.  This morning on CBC they said how art is no less important than sports when it comes to community enrichment.  I get that.  I totally get that.  So - now for the "down" part of the post.  The art community is rocked / crushed / devastated as their main haven and campus at Kenderdine / Emma Lake has been closed by the University due to deficit.  I was told that they they have a huge debt from building a new facility for the College of Medicine that never got funding from the government.  Regardless of the reason, it is just wrong.  I can't image this little bunch of cabins in the bush would be burdening financially to a huge university.  I'm not really in the loop and have never made it to Kenderdine Campus myself, but I have seen the art and collaborations that have come out of that place.  Let me tell you - it was a HUB of creativity and learning for thousands of artists in the province and beyond.  You will know which ones they are because most have tears in their eyes.  So with that, I'll send you off to Nicki's blog to read more about it.

Sorry to leave you on a sad note.  It's pretty crushing.  Art isn't just a past time.  It's much, much deeper than that. 



Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

I have bee to Kenderdine...and it is such a beautiful place. It would be very sad to see this go.

Jeane said...

It is indeed sad news. These buildings have been there a long time and they don't last forever and begin to be costly to maintain. Maybe there will be a solution in the future.

Kit Lang said...

I'm sorry about the loss, but glad you had such a great experience overall. *hugs*

LynCC said...

What a wonderful moment with your daughter. :)

HollyM said...

What a sweet story about your daughter. I think it's wonderful that she can go with you to shows.

Jackie said...

k, your daughter story made me cry! I signed the petition.
I hope it helps.. truly.

Anonymous said...

aahhh made me tear up :*)
Stay inspired!

Nicki said...


I am so pleased you enjoyed your experience with little Gems. I think it was the best show yet and as always, your work was beautiful.

I still have tears in my eyes- not sure they will ever leave unless this decision can miraculously be reversed. I have to hope with all my heart it will be.

Thank you for sharing the story.

XO Nicki

thesewinggeek said...

Your post on your daughter is truly special. I am blessed with adult children who were treated to classes and a home that allowed them to create. Only my daughter still sews but who knows with the boys...
We always had something "crafty" on the go.
I was not making "art" when they were kids but they got to play around with everything I was doing.
My special memories are taking my daughter and some of her friends to the Creative Festival in Toronto each year. She had no fear at that point... and made friends with the "stars" of a Canadian design show popular at the time. Everytime she past they pulled her in to demonstrate something on the sewing machine.
She was not a sport person and not high on the popularity scale at school. It always bugged me that the "Battle of the Books" team who spent the better part of the year was not celebrated for their achievements as the sport teams.
Sorry for the rant.
But it leads into my next comment.
Look at our school in this country where home ec has left the system. Life skills such as they are..are not being taught to out kids. They are not even being offered.
Where do kids get exposed to the "material and fiber arts"?
Try to find an accredited program for fiber arts?
Any way.... it is a shame about the college you are referring to.
I envy our american neighbours who have textile programs at their college and state level.
Oh how I wish I could be a student!
I would also like to live in Britain where you can get city and guilds...
Wonderful that two of your pieces sold.
Still loving the story of your daughter....

Juanita said...

Your post brought tears to my eyes - both the ups and the downs. I signed the petition. The proof that we need art facilities is evident in the joy your daughter felt at receiving that piece of artwork.

Dahn said...

Oh my gosh--I almost teared up! What a wonderful, incredible and touching moment you had with your daughter. I never had children, so this is something that I will never experience. Treasure each conversation, each shared laugh and any chance you get to connect artistically. Lucky, lucky you. :-)

PS--and no, I won't take any of your kids if they are bad. haha.

darcey said...

Enjoy your children, Monika. It's amazing how fast time goes by.

CitricSugar said...

Sorry I missed the show - it was on my looking-forward-to-it list for the Sunday but a migraine declared a no-fun that day. Glad it was such a success for you!

Your daughter sounds like a wonderfully old soul - and Ric's work is so great. My dad has a piece in his garden...

Jill said...

Ric Pollack's work is so fun! My dad had a couple of pieces of his and since he passed away I now have a dog sculpture made of bike parts! It's really quite something. Also when my dad passed he'd had some giant "cooking utensils" that I had to get rid of (I think you read my blog - envirocraftiness.com, and they've shown up there a time or two!). I gave them to a photographer friend of mine, but I had also thought that Ric would have made good use of them too!

I love how art can have such an impact on people!

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