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Sunday, 25 November 2012

My Sweet Prairie 2012 - It's up!

It's up!  My 3rd Annual solo show & sale at The Centre is up!  It's P R E T T Y...  I am so incredibly proud of this display.  It's my best collection of work yet.  The framing is gorgeous.  A Prairie Dress is in there too!  It fits in the show perfectly.  I had to dust that baby off.  I forgot how much work I put into it.  I'm always amazed when I put down the sewing needle and stand back to take a look at everything I've created.  I'm so focused on each stitch that I lose sight of the big picture.  Well, I am pretty happy.  I will get photos this week - promise!  In the mean time, I came across this post from a year ago.  (Click to link.)  It's my 'nervous-Nelly checklist' for displaying artwork in shows.  I'm happy to say that I forgot nothing this time, and I wasn't even the last person to leave.  I wasn't nervous either.  Whew!

So, here is a little photo of "The Winter Visit".

detail of The Winter Visit, 2012 (sold)

Yup... sold.  It's on it's way to it's new home in Australia.  Caz bought it last week at a special 'Aussie Discount'.  Hehe.  I'm glad she loved it.  I loved it too.  It looked so pretty amongst the other seasons I stitched out.  So over the weekend, I added this to my collection!

A Winter Gathering, 2012

Photos... the first was taken in natural indirect light.  The second was taken in the evening under the Ott light.  I think the first photo is truer to the actual color.  Otherwise, see the difference?  (Haha - reminds me of Sesame Street or Highlights Magazine riddles!)  The first has 3 trees and 2 birds.  It symbolizes 2 friends reunited.  The second has two trees and a whole flock.  I like the feel it has.  It is festive and reminds me of a big family get together over the holidays.  It looks so pretty in the gallery.  It really stands out.  This photo doesn't do it justice at all.

Tomorrow, I'll head out to pick up Pretty Penny (my Horizon).  I figured this would be the optimum time for a thorough check up.  I've sewn on that baby daily for 2 years, cleaning it regularly myself.  Now that I'm between shows, I can handle being away from it for a while.  OH!  So by the way, I sewed that one all on the little Janome 3160, with the hopping foot.  That was VERY different from the Horizon's floating FMQ foot.

'Bea' (as in Plan B) - an awesome back up machine.  So glad I bought it this summer!

If you stop by at The Centre, please tell me what you think!  Even if you never post on this blog, I would love to hear from you.  You can also email me directly at mysweetprairie@gmail.com

Have a great day!


Pieces of Sunshine said...

So exciting to see your dreams becoming reality Monika. You make the Horizon sounds like a wonderful machine. I'm still sewing on my 27 year old Janome but am over half done a piecing a queen size quilt top. I can't see how I can possible quilt it on my machine. Maybe I'll have to hand-quilt the entire centre.

Hope your show goes really well. I love both your winter scenes and am looking forward to seeing photos of the show.

HollyM said...

Monika, I love both those pieces and its interesting to know that there is some symbolism there. I definitely see the difference in the coloring the two photos.
Have a great show!

LynCC said...

It's so gorgeous - love those birds! I seriously prefer my floating foot, and it's missing right now. Drives me nuts to use the hopper. ;D

Karen said...

It's been awhile since I left a comment, but I am still checking in and admiring your work. You've captured the hoar frost perfectly. Congrats on another show - you are one busy woman!

JennyPennyPoppy said...

Your winter pieces are lovely indeed and I'd definitely be at the show if I could. Hope it's exceptionally great this year.

Patti said...

I'll be at the mall to check it out tomorrow! I know it will be fantastic!

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