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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Little Gems

My show at the Centre Galleries is fast approaching (November 26th).  At the last minute, I jumped into a group exhibit that is less than 2 weeks away (Little Gems).  I figure I can do this!  The group show at The Mix consists of over 40 artists and I only need to include a few pieces.  My framer had a great suggestion to just bring in pieces even if they aren't cleaned up & mounted and we can pick the right frames.  While we wait for the frames on order to arrive, it buys me time to completely finish and sign each piece.  So... I've been starting and starting and starting new pieces!  It feels a little weird to work this way, but it is good to get a change to come back to something after a little break.  I end up with fresh eyes and new ideas for the hand stitching phase.

Here is the second Autumn piece from Cranberry Flats... the 'ugly phase' I call it.  The machine stitching is done and the pretty details come next. (ie: the 'pretty phase')

Autumn scene in progress

I had completely different plans for this next one, but these crazy fibres were calling to me.  The whispy parts you see below are dyed mulberry bark that I got from Meinke Toy - Uncommon Fibre Art Supplies.  You pull it apart and it makes such perfect landscape backrounds.  It's so fibrous.  It'a easy to stitch into.

unnamed, 3x9" work in progress

And YES!  I have more.  I went through all my former art pieces to decide which popular one to rework.  I have a couple of canola fields but my hands are getting pretty stitch-sore to pull off another flax field too.  I came accross 'Bloom' which I've done small a few times.  I figured with that piece, I have such a good handle on it that I would try a really big one.  I used some dyed mulberry bark and some cheesecloth too to build up the background.  They colors were so lovely.  As I went along, I changed my mind on the bright orange & red blanket flowers and did some prairie grasses instead.

By the Roadside (in progress)

In the bottom left corner I put the edge of a road.  I used some hand dyed silk Sari ribbon, also from Meinke Toy.  It's terrific stuff!  It's totally recycled fibre and so versatile and lovely to work with.

made with dyed mulberry bark, cheesecloth, silk sari ribbon

It sure was a huge time saver laying down a background as opposed to stitching it all out.  I like the effects too.  They have such a natural feel to them.

So there you go!  That's what I've been up to.  I'm not sure which pieces will be in the Little Gems Show yet.  I will post them once I decide.  Here's the poster if you want to mark your calenders.

Little Gems in Saskatoon, fundraiser for Station 20 West

Have a great weekend!  I'm going to take a couple days off blogging to finish up some things, which includes shoveling all that snow we got!.  See you soon.  : )


Nicki said...

You can do it! No problemo!!! You will be a great addition to the show. Can't wait to see your work.

HollyM said...

I do like the use of the textural fibres. It makes it maybe a little more impressionistic. Yo u know, you make it all look so easy, but I know from my experience, just how difficult it is and just how expert you are.

LynCC said...

This is a perfect show for your works! I'd be at it in a heartbeat if we were anywhere near Saskatoon. :D

Tammy Burks said...

"By the Roadside" is absolutely amazing....all of those different textures give the piece such depth. All of your work is incredible, but loved seeing the close up of this piece. Very inspriring....I'm sure you'll do fabulous at both shows!

quiltmom said...

These are stunning Monika- I hope that the show is great success- I love fiber work-
Thanks for sharing.

Becky said...

Oh, how pretty! Even your unfinished "ugly phase" pieces are incredible!! Can't wait to see them how they progress!

elle said...

Ooh!Autumn scene is right on!

Ellie said...

Oh I'm sure you will do it all in time but you do like to test yourself don't you :))
Ugly phase pah - I definately wouldn't call it ugly at any stage.

JennyPennyPoppy said...

Your pieces all look terrific even in the unfinished stage! Enjoy the show :)

Raymond said...

I do like the use of the textural fibres. It makes it maybe a little more impressionistic. Yo u know, you make it all look so easy, but I know from my experience, just how difficult it is and just how expert you are.

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