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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Did Someone Say 'French Knots'?

Yesterday afternoon during the show & tell portion of our quilt guild meeting, a member mentioned thousands of French Knots.   Several women looked straight at me and giggled a bit.  Yeah - I am obsessed too.  I love French Knots because they really are fabulous to work with.   Really - How can you just stop at one or two?  Here is a piece I am making for the "Little Gems" exhibition and sale.

'A Perfect Summer Day' 2012, work in progress

I know - you've seen me do Canola before, but I love this particular crop/composition.  I tend to work this one in a landscape horizontal.  The vertical orientation shows off the hugeness of the sky.  (Is hugeness a word??)  I love the simplicity of it even though it took hours and hours and hours over the course of a few days... oh my.  The horizon couched down perfectly.  It's such a common summer scene around here.  If you look close, there are shadows here and there in the field because of the scattered puffs of cloud. 

I hope some one falls in love with it.


B J Elder said...

It's beautiful! My goodness you are french knot obsessed -- LOL. I always enjoy seeing your work.

Anonymous said...

Hi Monika,
I too love French knots. I'm working on a redwork quilt where some of the design elements are completely filled in with French knots.
I also love "A Perfect Summer Day"!!

liniecat said...

Life wouldnt be quite right without little knots like those lol
Huge skies are magical..esp when partnered with knots!!

Dahn said...

Look at all those knots! I like to do french knots even though I hate hand sewing. Your piece is just beautiful..

Margaret said...

I always love your French knots! :-)

And yep...the Prairies are Big Sky Country, that's for certain, eh?

JennyPennyPoppy said...

Another gorgeous landscape and all the french knots were certainly worth the time!

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