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Monday, 1 October 2012

After the Storm

I finished up the little piece I started last week.  I got a spark of excitement when someone expressed interest in it over the weekend.  So this morning, I added some hand stitching and finished it all up.

finished, ready to frame, and possibly sold

I'm still not sure what to call it.  After the Storm ? Grasswood Clearing ? Aglow.  hmmm.  I'll take your suggestions.  That's always the next challenge to come up with names.  I'll have to see what M. thinks.  As for framing, it sure looks nice in off-white!  Putting this in a light frame would be pretty on a dark or colored wall.

All right!  On to the next piece... I still have a commission from the summer that I haven't even started.  It will be a bigger summer scene.  I'm on it!  See you soon.  ; )


Michelle V. Alkerton said...

This is one of my favourites Monika :).
Stay inspired!

Kit Lang said...

This is stunning - and whomever is buying it is a lucky, lucky person!

HollyM said...

It's beautiful, Monika! I have a hard time with names too. I do like After the Storm but it really does seem to be glowing. Afterglow?
I never fail to be in awe of your pieces!

Bee said...

Your work is gorgeous!!

JennyPennyPoppy said...

A beautifully sewn and stitched piece of prairie landscape. Your work is fabulous :)

CitricSugar said...


Just got caught up after being offline. Aaron's quilt turned out beautifully.

Julieta said...

I liked this work; it's beautiful!

umbrellalady said...

Hi - How about calling your piece "The Riparian Zone"?

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