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Friday, 6 July 2012

Threadpainting - Loving Every Stitch

I went through a bit of a funk.  It lasted about 24 hrs, and it felt terrible.  (Blame it on the weather.)  I got up, dusted myself off and put together another new piece.  And WOAH do I ever love it!  I can't even explain my excitement when the right threads go in the right places.

7x9"  On Floral Road, 2012  (work in progress)

I worked a little differently on this one.  I did the land before the sky.  It doesn't much matter since the trees on the horizon will go on last.  I was interested in stitching out the grasses because two of my variegated spools were JUST the right color. My source photo has lots of wonderful reeds and white puffs to stitch into it by hand.  I will LOVE that. : )  (Do I use a lot of capitals??)

In the mean time, I got those Bird's Foot Trefoil flowers stitched in to the Lakewood Park scene.  I was feeling like another hundred French Knots would be quite lazy of me.  I can do them with my eyes closed after 5 flax fields and 3 Canola fields.  Plus - these buffalo-bean-looking flowers would not be well represented by spots or loops.  They have a funny, lumpy shape.  I decided to scroll back to my Saturday Stitches posts (see in tutorials at the top of my blog) to find the Sorbello Stitch that Margot taught me.  It is perfect!!  Check it out...

Lakewood, 2012 (4x6) in progress

I have just a few more little white details to stitch in and then this piece is done.  I am still so thrilled that I made the right choice for these flowers, I emailed Margot with a huge thank you!

The Sorbello Stitch : )

Happy, I am!  : )  Talk soon,


HollyM said...

I really love the textures in the new piece. The textures in the field look so real!
Your right those yellow flowers are perfect!
We all have funks once in a while. You're lucky it was just 24 hours. I've learned though, that sometimes its a sign that it's time for a little break and then it doesn't take much to get going again.

Anonymous said...

morning monika! you're right - the sorbello stitch is exactly right for those flowers. amazing how you find that the more stitches you learn, the more uses for them crops up!

MarthaVA said...

I love your work. It's very inspirational to me. I'm just getting started in thread painting and your work above looks just like photos! Amazing. Thank you for sharing! :-)

Patti Shanks said...

I can't even begin to imagine how you do this, Monika, but it is just so beautiful. Thanks for showing us your progress!

Grandma Coco said...

It`s the perfect stitch for that!

Caroline Heinrichs said...

We all have funks, it comes with being an artist, so glad to see you recovered, I love your work, its very reminicient of work I saw some years ago in a gallery. Maybe it was yours?
Thanks for sharing, I love how much you depict the open prairie.

Ellie said...

Ah Monika I do love your work. Both of these pieces are wonderful - not to bad for being in a funk, lol.

felicity said...

I can see why you're happy - what beautiful work you're doing! Love them!

Bee said...

Your work is gorgeous! I love the Sorbello Stitch! It is perfect!

Patti said...

You're absolutely right to be excited! Beautiful as always ;)
And the sorbello makes a great buffalo bean!

LynCC said...

:) More wonderful workings to see at Monika's blog! You do such beautiful pieces. I've missed watching your work while I've been out of the blog loop.

Sheila said...

Just beautiful, can I ask you a question, are your grasses done by hand with embroidery floss or is this stitched free motion on the machine ? How ever you do it it is amazing!

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