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Monday, 25 June 2012

A Long Story About a Small World

I had so many wonderful visits with wonderful people last week.  I can't tell you how much I enjoyed spending time learning how to hand quilt with Debbie Baumann.  The day before I was to visit Margot's again, I headed out to deliver some art to a woman I'll call 'B'.  It was such a cool experience, I have to tell you!  I looked up 'B's address only to find that she lives a few blocks away from me.  As I walked in the door, there in the entry was my "Barley Field" commission from last year.  It was purchased as a gift for her.  Now she's buying a piece directly from me.  It was so interesting to stand there and stare at the barley field for a while.  It was one of those pieces I made that was sold right away.  I never really got a chance to enjoy it.  When I'm working on a piece, I'm focusing on each little stitch.  Now I was able to look at the entire composition.  I was surprised how good it was!  That sounds silly doesn't it?  I'm serious though.  It was awesome!  I was surprised at my reaction to it.  It made me really proud of the work I do.

'B' and I stood there and discussed stitching for a while.  Then she stopped and told me, "Wait right there.  You HAVE to see this!" and she disappeared down the hallway.  She returned with a framed piece of embroidered art.  She proudly held it out to me.  I recognized it in a heartbeat.  "Oh WOW," I said, "that is Margot Lindsay's, isn't it?"  It was!  On the back, it was labelled '1996 Baby's Breath & Roses" and it was as stunning as her current work.  As we oohed and aahed over it, I told her I was going to Margot's to visit the very next day.  She had no idea I know Margot.  What a small world.  And then I went on and told 'B' about what a fabulous person Margot is.  'B' purchased the art years ago at Handmade House and so she never met Margot.  I think it made her hold the art more dearly to her heart because until then, the artist was a complete stranger to 'B'.  Anyway... it was a transforming day for both of us.  It blew me away later on when I realized that my art is in the same house with Margot's.  That makes me want to 'happy-cry', as my children would call it.  Great things seem to happen to my spirit when I deliver art.  My eyes get opened in such unique ways.  Wow - this is hard to put into words.

Fast forward to Friday afternoon, I arrive at Margot's house.  I'm not there to stitch this time.  I'm there to learn about how she makes her mats and frames her work.  She showed me so much as usual.  Her mats are covered in linen, as is the backboard if it shows.  The frames are very fine, with more depth on the side that width showing from the front.  She told me where to buy them and what glues to use for the linen mats.  She made me smell the glue first to see if I'd hate it.  IT WAS HORRIBLE!  My reaction made her laugh.  I think I ducked down as if something was about to come at me.  lol  It happens to say 'non toxic' on the label.  Unbelievable.  I took another look at the art on the walls and could see how different colored linen was used with different pieces of art.  Some were more beige, some had a faint sage-green tinge, all depending on what worked best. I soaked it all in.  Then we sat for tea as she showed me some of her work-in-progress.

Margot asked if I had been to one of the green spaces between her house and mine.  I hadn't.  She said it was totally in bloom with wild roses, alfalfa, clover.  I wasn't really sure exactly which park she meant.  (That was Friday.)  Then on Sunday afternoon, my kids and I decided to see what was behind the library.  OMG.  We had NO idea there was such a natural greenspace there!  We didn't even feel like we were in the city.  We followed the trails through this new found gem.  It was full of blooms as she said.  There were 2 ponds saturated with bullrushes.  There were rolling hills with little bunches of trees, and lots of beautiful wolf willow.  Butterflies and dragon flies were everywhere!  Ducks and red winged blackbirds were all calling out.  We read some postings that said local indigenous plants were put here to preserve the natural landscape.  And wouldn't you believe it!?

I did not bring my camera.

I am sure it is the place Margot spoke of because of the amount of wild roses we saw.  Those aren't in the park across the road from me.  The air smelled of wild roses.  It was incredible - and what luck!  I have lived 5 years in this neighborhood and I did not know that park was even there.  I am heading back again this week WITH camera in hand.  I will show you some beautiful photos once I return.

What!  No photos in this post!?  ...nope.  It's all text this time. I hope you enjoyed my ramblings.  Trust me, it will be ALL photos next time.  ; )


Sharon said...

What fun! Maybe someday you can hand deliver one of your artworks down here! ;)

Can't wait to see pictures of this magical park you found!

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

Wonderful !

B J Elder said...

Sounds like you had two wonderful visits! And then to discover such a beautiful field close by... looking forward to photos.

Anonymous said...

i've loved the library park since it was built...and come to think of it, i haven't been there this year! thanks for the reminder! looking forward to the pictures!
(ps. it's ALWAYS a small world when you live in saskatchewan!)

Becky said...

Nice!! Can't wait to see the pictures!

Dolores said...

Love to aee the photos of your new-found green space. I am always impressed, surprised and pleased when I come across a piece of lovely green space here in the big city. It's relaxing, and transformative.
Amazingly small world.

HollyM said...

I think you express yourself wonderfully! I always have trouble putting things into words. I have felt the same way a couple of times when I visited a friend who bought one of my works. It is a nice feeling and it's true you do see it with a fresh eye.
I'm intrigued with the framing process too. Your works would look lovely on a linen mat.

Ellie said...

That spot in the park sounds beautiful - I can't wait to see pictures of it. I can imagine how colourful it is.
I really enjoyed this post :)

CitricSugar said...

You have to love the intricacies and wonders of the "small world"... it always makes me happy.

Kit Lang said...

Lovely the way the universe leads us in a dance and then gently pulls us in. :)

Caroline Heinrichs said...

Hi Monika,
So cool to finally find you. You know how it goes, you search for that tiny scrap of paper you wrote the name on and then life happens!
I heard about My Sweet Prairie for at least two years now.

Your walks sound dreamy. We in Northern BC are still waiting for summer to arrive...rain, clouds, cold winds, you name it. Soo....I quilt. I'd love for you to follow my blog, Blended Fabric Quilts.
All the best,


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