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Monday, 25 June 2012

Lakewood Lush

Here they are... some sweet eye-candy for you!  fyi: Lakewood is a park in Saskatoon, just blocks from my house.  It's true.  The prairies have EXPLODED with color.

Lush, lush lush!  And humming with honey bees.

Gorgeous Wolf Willow growing behind the rose bushes.

Buffalo Beans (oops - corrected) Birds Foot Trefoil and bumble bees!  : )  I like this composition...  I'd stitch it!

We collected a tulle satchel of wild rose petals so we could take that smell home with us.  There is no smell more beautiful!

Look at the gorgeous curls and the blue!  Can anyone i.d. this next plant for me??  It was climbing into the rosebushes.

mmmm...  aaaaahh....

Buffalo Beans (oops! correction) Birds Foot Trefoil in the prairie grasses.  (Thank you Margot!)

My baby had so much fun too!  There were giant Monarchs fluttering around.  (None were harmed during the making of this post ; ).

Enjoy!  I will be back in one week.  The kids finish school tomorrow, and we are off for some family time.  Happy Summer and have a FABULOUS CANADA DAY on July 1st!! : )


Judy Wood said...

Mystery plant is some sort of vetch.

Leanne said...

I enjoyed reading your last post and the pictures from this one. The mystery plant is very pretty but not good in your garden. It will choke out and smother most everything. It is best off in a wild place because it is very pretty.

ela said...

I love your pictures.
In Sweden we call the flower "kråkvicker" Vicia cracca.


Kit Lang said...

you're very luck to live so close! Thanks for sharing. :)

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for sharing the 'good sniffs'! i dreamt about wild roses last night! i will head over to the park maybe today and sniff them 'in situ'. it was grand that you came to visit yesterday - when you're done your postcard, i know of several people who would appreciate seeing a picture of it! enjoy your family time! seems like summer has really arrived!

Wendy said...

Your mystery flower is purple vetch...it is very prolific and will take over your flower bed or gardens...pretty where it is, but leave it there.

Christie DescribeHappy said...

Very nice eye candy there. I can almost smell all the flowers!! Enjoy your time and talk to you soon!

Mary Ann said...

Looks beautiful and I can almost smell those roses:)

Patti Shanks said...

Who knew that Lakewood Park was so beautiful!! It's only a few blocks from me as well. In fact, it's where I took "my ducks" last week. I'll have to venture out there again when the weather improves!

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