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Monday, 21 May 2012

Thread Work - First Class.

The wonderful and completely charming Annette from In Stitches & Seams invited me out to her place in Watrous to teach a 'Basic Threadwork' class for the first time to a group of five wonderful women (including Annette).  It was a great drive, about an hour out of Saskatoon on a beautiful sunny day.  I came with handouts, lots of practice fabrics, stabilizers, hoops, thread, and a beautiful project photo supplied by Edith Maracle from Kingston, Ontario.  (Thank you Edith!)

After some discussion, we set up the machines & adjusted the tension.  I had everyone test their stitches and then they began experimenting by coloring in on 'cheater' fabrics (see the apple above?).  Some hooped, some didn't.  Into the second half of class, I had everyone stitch out Edith Maracle's beautiful black capped chickadee.  First, each person traced the photo onto fabric using Annette's trusty light box (that would be her front door).

Simple scotch tape, an hb pencil, and some sunlight is all you need.  Away they went!

There's me in the mirror, cheering Annette on.  : )

She was so darn sweet - I got hugs and presents and even gluten free baking!

Here are some of the work in progress.  I picked these two particular photos by Edith because they were so clear.  You could see every feather.  The colors weren't too difficult at all to find in most people's stash: black, white, grey beige... and who doesn't love chickadees?  Check out their stitching!  Awesome...

haha - I told them I would only photograph their hands.  Looks like I got some toes in there!  : )

It's interesting to see who starts with what.  Everyone is different.

Good job ladies!  : )  
I look forward to seeing the finished pieces, and had a really great time meeting you all.

...and thank you again Annette.  : )


Bernie said...

I left a comment via my iphone but it doesn't appear to have shown up.
Looks like a great class and a nice size. I'm looking forward to hosting one in my sewing attic in late October so if any of your readers are from Saskatoon and want to take it have them contact me.I'm not sure my machine will do what we want it to but I guess we'll see.

Annette said...

We all had a great time and would welcome you back for another class I am sure.
p.s. chickadee is about half done now.
in stitches

greelyrita said...

'First Class' as in excellent!! Sounds like I would have enjoyed it a lot!!

Sheila said...

Sure wish I could have been there too , looks like a lot of fun .

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