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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Things I Love Thursdays

It's been a LONG time since I've made a post for my Thursday, hasn't it!?  I am so sorry.  I know for some of you, it was your favorite post.  Well here we go - I hope this makes up for it.

I love... pretty aprons!

I love that wonderful people like RITA PENNER kept pestering me to mail her some fabric - because I love aprons and she happens to love making them.

Rita, WOW!!  I especially LOVE the the flounce and the back.

Have you ever seen an apron so pretty!? 
 I love the long ties too.  I love that she inserted coffee-dyed lace into the seams!

To dye for.  : )

I love that fabric.  I found it in a bargain bin at Periwinkle's.  I figured it was pretty enough to make something beautiful, but subtle enough to wear as an apron and not scream out "HEY I HAVE AN APRON ON!!"  lol.  This one looks terrific with jeans and a t-shirt.  (Unlike the one my mother sent me - it's a giant slice of red watermelon with bright green straps.  It looks crazy with anything.  She bought it for my husband when she found out I was dating a guy who likes to bake bread.  p.s.  He has NEVER worn it mom.  I have, and accidentally answered the door in it.  TOTALLY embarrassing!)

And last but not least, I love the pocket that Rita matched up so well.  Very cool!

*** I also love that we managed to mail the fabric back and forth through Canada Post for only two dollars each.  THAT is a miracle.  lol.  Thank you Rita!  This is the BEST apron ever. 

Happy Thursday!


greelyrita said...

Oh, aren't you a dear to post about this. I hadn't thought about that. About that pocket. It's a mystery. How can it match so well on one side and then not at all on the other side? I turned it to try to match it perfectly everywhere and it just wouldn't work. Reading that you found it in a bargin bin, I wonder if it wasn't a printing problem. I scour the bargin bins too and find that there are often those types of problems. It certainly doesn't affect the beauty of the apron. It turned out even better than I had envisioned. Thanks for sending such pretty fabric!!

Annette said...

now that's a good friend.lovely apron ... one you'll be proud to ware ... now go a bake up a storm
in stitches

elle said...

Wow! Rita did a super job! It would look good in any kitchen!

Ellie said...

Oh that is a lovely apron and the fabric is lovely too. What a nice friend to have :))

HollyM said...

Wow, it is a very elegant apron and that pocket just amazes me!

Sheila said...

Rita did an amazing job and I love the style of this apron as well as the fabric !

Mary Ann said...

What a gorgeous apron:) I'm in shock that it only cost two dollars to send in the mail.

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