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Friday, 18 May 2012

Friday Finish

It's so odd to be once again at the point where I'm panicking that I won't have enough art for the next show, and then I line everything up to discover I have indeed made a LOT of pieces!  It will be a small space at the Spring Art Show & Sale as it's a group exhibit, and my table should be full.  I'll have machine & hand embroidered landscapes like this one...

Canola Summer, 2012

 You can read more about the event at the top of the blog.  Here's a close up...

I know... seriously?  There are thousands of French Knots in the whole piece...  That last photo was in-progress.  If you look at the first, you can see that I have a thin pale metallic thread couched down into the horizon.  You can click in the first photo to see it bigger if you like.

I will also have a little selection of art-to-mail from my Prairie Postcard series.

Wish You Were Here #30
side note - have you noticed that my photos look clearer since the new laptop?  My old one was failing and the yellow screen was causing me to edit my photos into strange & muddy colors.  Expect MUCH better photos from here on in!  ; )  There's something to celebrate!

I will also have a few little rug scenes!  So there you go.  More variety.

Prairie Rug #11

Now I'm off to hunt for the right blue embroidery floss.  I have one more flax field to finish and I've ran out!  OH, I do NOT want to go shopping AGAIN.  I want to stay home & sew!  Maybe I'll grab a bundle of the right color instead of one skein. 

Today I'm linking to a new party called Handmade Parade.  Isn't that a sweet title!?  You can check it out HERE Thank you Katey for the invite!  :)


Jess said...

Wow! I just have gotten into embroidery (literally, started my first piece last week), and so I am in awe of your landscapes. Especially the one with all the french knots. It is beautiful. Can't imagine the time involved though.

jan said...

Monika---it's nice to meet you too. I love your work. I'll be stopping by again.

Katie said...

I'm so glad you linked this up! I love all the French knots. Oh myyyyyy!

Nic said...

Wow. All those french knots are impressive. I love how you used different sizes

Linda said...

Lovely! Canola Summer is wonderful

greelyrita said...

About the picture you posted on Flickr. I couldn't seem to leave a comment without a Flickr sign-in and I can't get in right now.

Each piece you're showing is more beautiful than the last. Someone commented on depth. Yes!! Also, there's almost a feeling of the wind dancing with the grass. LOVE that!!!

waggonswest said...

What beautiful work... and patience. Those French knots are amazing.

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