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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Work-in-Progress Wednesday

My goodness.  What isn't in-progress right now!?  

#1.  My yard.  #2.  The dandelion plot berries & veggies garden.  #3.  We are trying to transfer everything over to my new lap top and what a mess that is!  I had to get a new one because I had pretty much destroyed the 'enter' key, as well as the eyes for the sideways happy face on my old one.  lol  I have it back!  : )  (see?)  So I can smile again... but I am missing some important emails.  Oh dear.  #4.  As in yesterday's post, my presentation & framing is also a work in progress.  #5.  Some commissions are on the back burner as the next art show approaches.  (***Thank you ladies for your patience!!).  #6.  In about ten days I'll be at the Spring Art Show & Sale which is up in the header of my blog if you want more info.  I am a few hours away from completing another canola field!!  In the mean time, I started this on Tuesday afternoon.

in progress - wild crocuses to be added by hand

I'm not sure if starting another piece right now was wise, but I think I can manage this.  Besides, it was 'calling' me.  I had to answer!   : )  It's all ready for hand stitching.  I'll be putting wild crocuses into the foreground, inspired by the photos I took at Patti's farm.  There was one photo in particular that drew me.   It was that blue, blue water down the hill.  I think I'll be putting smaller crocus clumps into it instead of one big close-up as the original photos portray.  You can see them here.

Also in progress: #7.  I am teaching on Sunday, so I am getting ready for that too.  I'm excited about this.  I'm heading out to the town of Watrous to do my first Beginner Threadwork Class for a group of 5 women.  I think 2 are coming from Regina.  Annette from In Stitches and Seams is hosting it at her place.  We 'know' each other through The Needle & Thread Network.  I'll be bringing along some yummy Wonderfil Threads too!  Speaking of Annette, she happened to be the one to answer my call for the "Tag! You're it" postcard exchange.  I mailed her one of my Tag cards, and WOOHOO!!  Look what I got today from her!

only the BIGGEST art-to-mail that I've ever got!

It's ONE HUGE TAG!  I had to burst out laughing.  Look at what I made for the swap...

off to Ireland it went... 'Tag! You're It' postcard.

Only the tiniest tag ever!  lol  Annette, I love your card!  Thank you so much!  I'm so glad you swapped with me.  Don't mind me if I show that one off to my postcard classes!  It's a keeper.

Linking to The Needle & Thread Network.  : )


Textile Tragic said...

Ha! Thanks, I needed a smile today and this post just did it. I love the HUGE tag compared with your undersated white with the teeny-tiny L. Both very clever. And the dandelion plot:) No wonder you wore out the :) keys on your computer. Your posts are so upbeat and encouraging.

Annette said...

Sew glad you love the post card.
Only 4 more sleeps until class.
I was talking to one of the Regina gals and she is loking forward to it and has even checked out your site( I told all the gals to do that if they had the chance)and is wowed by your work.
have a great day
in stitches

Susan Being Snippy said...

I enjoy seeing your threadwork and am waiting with bated breath to see how you execute the crocus...

elle said...

I luv the depth in that prairie scene.

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Oh wow what a great postcard!! You know how much I love your work...good luck and the show&sale..have fun!

pegsplace said...

I really like how you nab the scene with the water in the background. You can see the wind blowing in the foreground. So nice Monika! You sure are busy! I sure would like to live closer and take part in your class!

M-R said...

Love your new piece, Monika! There's always time to fit one more in IMHO. :)

PrairiePeasant said...

I love watching your work progress! It's so intriguing--I'd love to be a fly on the wall when you are sewing!

Regina said...

That blue water in the field.....

Mrs.Pickles said...

lovely work!!

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