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Friday, 11 May 2012

Friday Finishes 8, 9, & 10

See what happens  when I skip 2 days of blogging?  I get LOTS done.  I have three more Prairie Rugs completed.  I started by reinforcing some burlap weave with a zigzag stitch all around it twice.

Then I basted it onto a long narrow scroll frame.  I know... that's not how you rug hook.  AFTER I got this done, the marvelous Molly left some hoops and a table top rug hooking frame on my doorstep!  : )  Thank you!  (Let me repeat: MARVELOUS!)

too long for a good photo

Next, I mapped out some rectangles onto the burlap with a big jiffy marker.  I have these great old floor-board style box frames (no glass) to mount them into.  They are going to look SWEET!  Away I went!  Here's the first (#8).

Prairie Rug #8

I think it has a nice glow.  I kept working into the wee hours last night, by the light of the Ott lamp : ).

I was using all those delicious scraps from Perwinkle's... and I made a few more of my own to add to the bags.  Yeah - I color sorted them all.  It sure is helpful to have bags of color!

Prairie Rug #9

I love the sky!  The horizon is a bit washed, but the cotton scraps really blended well with the chucky yarn I hooked into the lower part.  WHAT a cool effect!  I did that this morning and decided I couldn't stop there.  So one more...  I had the composition of 'Bloom' in mind here.  # 8 and #9 are about 5x7".  #10 here is smaller at 4x6".

Prairie Rug #10

I'm just so extremely loving this texture!  I'll post some 'glam shots' on Sunday for you.  Now I'm off to the Mother's Day Spa at the elementary school to get my toe nails painted.  ; )

linking to TGIFF!  Thank Goodness It's Finished Friday  hosted by M-R.  : )


M-R said...

Oh wow, Monika! They are awesome! I love the texture of the different fibers and the colours are gorgeous!

felicity said...

Monika, these are just stunning!

Poppyprint said...

More gorgeous prairie rugs! I LOVE the Mother's Day plan at school, what fun!

liniecat said...


Anonymous said...

i hope the frame and hoops
are useful! those little ruglets are soooo beautiful - a whole big prairie scene, distilled into a tiny, beautiful thing!
have a lovely weekend - happy mother's day! cheers, molly

CitricSugar said...

These are so gorgeous, Monika. You capture the prairies so beautifully.

Saw Krista's on her blog... She seems to really really like it. :-)

Margaret said...

You're a great modern 'hooker', Monika! My late aunt (died at 94 in 2002) was a quilter and rug-hooker too -- by necessity, mainly, but I think she enjoyed it. She'd be impressed with your work!

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