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Saturday, 12 May 2012


Prairie Rug #11.  : )  My friend Molly called them 'ruglets'.  Hehe, I love that!

Prairie Rug #11

Number nine (below) was bothering me.  The horizon was not defined.  So I pulled out one line of fabric strips and re-hooked a deeper color in.  Much better!

Prairie Rug #9 (after) click to view larger...

Prairie Rug #9 (before)

I know it's a prairie landscape.  I think It's really cool that someone on facebook looked at the last photo there and saw a pebbled beach with waves washing into the shore.  Do you see it?  I do now!  Isn't that neat!?  Oh I have so many show photos.  What a terrific project that would be!  Maybe that's what I can do this summer while I'm out at the lake with the kids 'unplugged' from my sewing machine.

Now I think I have a good variety and amount of work ready for the group Spring Art Show & Sale.  It's only 2 weeks away and I have a lot of handstitching to finish on my threadpaintings.  Off to tie a few thousand french knots!  Have a love day, and I hope you get in some gardening and garage saling!  ('Tis the season.)


HollyM said...

The textures and colors are so pretty. i love the name 'ruglets'.

Heather Lair said...

Has it occurred to you that you can take your hooking to the beach with you!!! Just sayin.... Any bits of sand or grasses that get into your work will just authenticate it as a real landscape! :)

Margaret said...

That darker horizon line was just right, wasn't it? I learned in my watercolour lessons that doing that indicates distance, receding...

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