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Friday, 11 May 2012

To Vancouver and Back Again

It's funny how things work.  I happened to splurge and buy myself something very special for my birthday.  I bought my first fibre art ever!  No regrets!  : )  I chose fabric art by Kirsten Chursinoff, a wonderful fabric & thread artist in Vancouver.  She's been in Quilting Arts magazine more than once over the years.  She's the one I model my framing after.  I've been watching her blog and waiting... waiting.  When I saw this little gem, I could wait no longer.  I bought it, and it arrived just in time for my big day.  (Please click on her blog link to see a better photo of this piece.)

Elderberries & Ladybugs by Kirsten Chursinff

The SAME DAY that I took the leap to spend $ on fibre art just for me, I got an email from Krista Hennebury in Vancouver, requesting to purchase one of my Prairie Rugs.  You know Krista - she's the Poppyprint blogger.  She is the proud new owner of Prairie Rug #5.

Today Krista wrote all about it here.  Wow - what she wrote.  You should go read it.  She sounds pretty happy too.  Isn't that funny how things work sometimes?

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