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Monday, 16 April 2012

Our Spring Break

Some pretties for you, from our week off...

my two youngest at the water's edge

There were ducks and bugs and muskrats... and more ducks!

happy couples.

There are seven couples at our pond!  Last year there was only one mama with 12 babies.  I can't wait to see the math this year!  : )

Autumn, in the arms of Spring.

Pussy Willows!!  Wow, this was a surprise.  I love this shot against the dark water.

Birch is so cool.  The old peels away and the new is underneath.  
Pure white.

What a great week off.  It was dark and cloudy for the most part, but we had lots of fun.

Back to school today and it's snowing.  lol


Becky said...

Yea spring! Love that birch shot!

Kit Lang said...

that's so cool! Our spring break is in March, so even though we were way warmer than normal, there's no way the kids would have been in spring wear. So much more fun for the kids.

(Of course, my kids are 21 and 18 so, not so much with the spring break that I have any say in. lol)

Grandma Coco said...

You have a gift for finding something beautiful in the everyday, don't you?

elle said...

autumn in the arms of spring. luv it!

Poppyprint said...

Birch bark is my all time fav thing in the plant world.

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