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Friday, 30 March 2012

New Wheels

I am in style now!  Check it out...

I got my trolley from Zeller's.  WOW - it's the best.  A dozen glass frames can be very heavy!  Yes - that is a bumper sticker.  Yes - I know it's tacky.  I went a little overboard a long time ago with freebies from Vistaprint.  At least now I have somewhere to stick it!  I was worried that someone might 'borrow' my cart at trade shows, thinking it belonged to the hall or something. 

Everything is up and running at Prairieland Park.  All of the landscape & floral themed art is up in Hall A.  We went to set up on Thursday night.  There is some really fabulous art for sale there!  Wow.  I still can't get over the sound of a couple dozen artists hammering nails into their boards in a giant hall.  Next time I might just bring ear plugs!  lol

I'll be volunteering on Sunday.  Looking forward to all the greenery and beautiful smells of the flowers!  Thank you everyone for the sweet comments from the Friday Feature post.  I sincerely appreciate each and every comment!  : )


Anonymous said...

Your display looks great! Wishing you a successful show :).
Stay inspired!

upstateLisa said...

Beautiful display!!! Have fun!

Bee said...

I agree! Your display looks wonderful! I love your trolley and I think the bumper sticker is a great idea.

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