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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Hooked on a High Fibre Diet

I said I would!  I have always been smitten by hooked rugs.  I don't know what it is.  Just seeing all those little rows and rows of loops is gorgeous in my opinion.  This weekend, I finally did it.  I bought a little rug hooker tool from Periwinkle's.  I had some potato-sack canvas and lots of scraps of thin cotton quilting fabric.  I've always thought I would hook a prairie rug.  This is a really little sample - but OH WHAT FUN!

I'm sure that any professional rug hooker would shudder at the sight of this.  (My apologies.)  I know - it's messy, thready, and imperfect... but honestly - I love it so much!  SO much in fact, that I took many 'glam shots' of it.  ; )

All those printed fabrics made for some terrific color combinations!  I love the earth and I love the sky.

I used cotton and flannelette strips that were 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch - all different.  Seriously, I wasn't trying to be perfect.  I hope I'm not insulting rug hookers.  I've heard people say that they love the backs.  I see why.  It's pretty cool.  My daughter said it's horrible and she likes the front better.  She's 5 and I value her opinion.

the hook & the backside

Yum, yum, yum.  Don't all those little rows remind you of corn on the cob, cornsilk & all?  ; )

Happy Tuesday, and thank you all SO MUCH for all the congratulations on taking the plunge & getting juried. : )

I was so happy, I framed it.  ; )



Wendy said...

How lovely :) I remember latch hooking in high school with my Grandma's old kits with pieces of yarn. Thanks for the memory!

Anonymous said...

oh monika! - does that busy prairie brain of yours ever rest? this is beautiful! absolutely beautiful!

Ellie said...

This is lovely Monika - all of the colours and shades are amazing.

Becky said...

So neat! I bought a rug hooking kit quite a few years ago, but never made anything. I finally gave it to Goodwill, or sold it on Ebay... Is it hard on your hands? How are they doing, BTW? This will be a really great rug!!

Christie DescribeHappy said...

My MIL rug hooks and I also adore the style and texture of it all. Really awesome to see 'your' colors and style like this! Enjoy... and wowie that looks amazing all framed up!! Yes it does! p.s. I ran yesterday. Me and two dogs.. and two miles later lead to a really peaceful evening. Now if I could only stop eating chocolate all day at work my bum would shrink a bit!

queenopearls said...

Congratulations on SO many levels. You SHOULD frame your juried membership! Excellent.
Your rug hooking is wonderful! I'm loving doing it by proxy. :) The colors are perfect.
~ Christina in Cleveland

Faith said...

Corn on the cob with cornsilk--Yes!
I once tried a rug hooking kit and hated how it looked. This looks beautiful to me!

Jackie said...

I love your talent! And the love you show for it... so enjoy reading your posts!

Anonymous said...

What artistic energy you have. Do you
know that there is a Rughookers
group in Saskatoon. There is a blog
at www.saskrug.blogspot.com. If you
didn't see their show last fall,
there are photos of on it.

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